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Societal Resilence

MESS48, 7.5 credits

Syllabus» Swe Eng

Our world is complex and dynamic and it is increasingly acknowledged that society has to be resilient to be safe and sustainable. The course discusses the main challenges to the safety and sustainability of society, as well as the importance and utility of concepts of resilience in this context. It also operationalizes the concept of societal resilience in order to be used as a tool for guiding analysis and practical interventions for a more resilient society. This approach to societal resilience conceptualizes the concept as an emergent property based on society’s ability to anticipate, recognise, adapt to and learn from variations, changes, disturbances, disruptions and disasters that may cause harm to what human beings value. The course elaborates on these four overall functions and connects them to each other and to frameworks of disaster risk management and climate change adaptation for sustainable development.

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