Governance of Sustainability

MESS34, 7.5 credits

The Governance of Sustainability course discusses different theoretical approaches to governance, different norms of politics of sustainability and explains how various governance practices deal with concrete sustainability challenges at the empirical level.

The course focuses on:

  • Governance and politics of sustainability, and its theoretical discontents such as power, scale and international politics;
  • Basic approaches to environmental governance and politics as well as their underlying norms (role of the market, collective action, technology, democracy, social movements);
  • Various governance practices in areas with pressing sustainability challenges (forest, urban, energy, resources).

Literature list

Literature list, established 2020-12-10 PDF (636 kB)


I really enjoyed that we had such a diverse range of lecturers and topics; I found the lectures highly relevant to sustainability.

Student, Batch 23 


I really enjoyed this course - it was very inspirational and interesting! I definitely think I will use some course elements for my thesis.

Student, Batch 23