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Energy and Sustainability

MESS41, 7.5 credits

Syllabus Swe Eng

Literature list (established 2013-11-19)

The course discusses fundamental energy concepts covering the environmental and technological properties as well as societal priorities of energy systems. A particular focus is put on energy transitions, including both societal and environmental dimensions. In this context we will discuss for example energy justice dimensions and spatial aspect (land demand) in the context of the transition.

Further the course will examine the present debate regarding energy demand, energy efficiency and energy end-use technology status and potential, as well as introducing energy scenarios.

The course addresses generation supply and demand options with focus on energy technologies (e.g. wind, solar, biofuel) and other strategies (e.g. energy services and capabilities approach) to assess the needs for, and impacts of, generation systems in both industrialized countries and the Global South.

Finally, the course introduces (governance) strategies for the intervention and transformation of energy systems.



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