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Meet our LUMES Alumni

Our graduates go on to work in a range of fields and occupations after LUMES. Here you can read about some of the possible career paths you can take after graduating.

Gavin McCroryGavin McCrory (UK)
PhD Student, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
LUMES B18 (2014 - 2016) 

Gavin McCrory is currently a PhD candidate at Chalmers University of Technology. His research is focused on urban living labs and sustainability transitions and he seeks to generate impactful, reflexive, and change driven research.

His research interest was developed during his time at LUMES and explored in depth in his master’s thesis.

Career path

After graduation, Gavin worked as a junior researcher on a smart cities project at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium. This experience, combined with his master thesis, enabled him to go on to secure his PhD position.

What I gained from LUMES

“LUMES provided me with a set of skills and experiences that are relevant, useful and desirable for my current work. The open and encouraging environment that is conducive to developing group competencies, and abilities in critical, reflexive and holistic thinking are some of the competences I values the most."


Jorge CastroJorge Castro (Guatemala)
Sustainability Developer, IKEA, Sweden
LUMES B14 (2010 - 2012) 

At IKEA, Jorge Castro works as a sustainability developer to improve the social, economic and environmental performance of the company. He is also responsible for overviewing and assessing that changes in performance is implemented and realised through various initiatives and programmes. 

Career path

Jorge Castro started his first employment in Sweden with Boozt Fashion where he did product and logistical work building on his previous knowledge as a mechanical engineer. After gaining experience with Swedish language and getting comfortable with the company, he moved to the UK where he worked at the Melton Borough Council, a government administration agency. There, he supported the sustainable development of rural local businesses of the food and drink industry. These working experiences, in addition to the theoretical knowledge he gained through LUMES, equipped him with the necessary skillset to start working in his current role at IKEA.

What I gained from LUMES

“LUMES was unique because as an individual, it encouraged critical thinking, and as a team member, it allowed for the ability to harvest and foster best skills of people from different cultures and different backgrounds and for us to develop."

"If you can link the relevance of LUMES skills to specific achievements that you gained and show how it translates to the job you’re applying to – then you will shine.”


Emily NorfordEmily Norford (USA)
Policy Officer at EAT Foundation, Norway 
LUMES B17 (2013 - 2015) 

Emily Norford works as a policy officer at an international  policy advocacy and network organisation, called EAT Foundation, where she supports the foundation’s goal in transforming the global food system to become more healthy and sustainable. Her work ranges from drafting policy related materials to setting up or supporting initiatives. 

Career path

Emily's background is in environmental studies. She also worked for three and a half years before doing her master at LUMES.

What I gained from LUMES

"In my work, I take part in organsing events such as different conferences. For example, I help in the planning of organising break-out sessions at a conference that involve everything from curating topics to setting up partnerships with a variety of organisations. In this process, it is often difficult to reach an agreement on a specific issue, especially when team members disagree due to their own disciplinary assumptions. In those situations, it is beneficial to have experience from LUMES, such as being able to engage in discussions, question assumptions and, eventually, arrive at solutions.” 


Javier M BlancoJavier M Blanco (Spain)
Policy Officer, United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, Panama
LUMES B17 (2013 - 2015) 

Javier Blanco works with various tasks relating to national policy development and SDGs with focus on poverty reduction and human development. 

Career path

Javier Blanco started his policy career with internships at the Earth System Governance Project and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, FAO, during and after LUMES.

What I gained from LUMES

“Both at FAO and UNDP, we work in the field with people from governments, NGO:s and other places. They come from different backgrounds and cultures, usually with a lot of expertise. Here, the general ability to understand, communicate and manage knowledge from different disciplines is something that is useful and a skill that I developed in LUMES.” 

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