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Voices from LUMES Graduates

Maryam Nastar

"LUMES is an excellent milieu to understand social and environmental problems from different perspectives and to share a variety of strategies on how to address these challenges. In addition to experiencing an incredible learning environment for two years, I enhanced my personal development and understanding of different cultures through daily interaction with fellow classmates. We have continued our friendships even today; it feels wonderful to have such great friends all over the world.”
Maryam Nastar, LUMES Graduate 2008


Rald Bilke

“LUMES has been a unique life-experience on the academic as well as personal level. By studying LUMES I feel enabled to understand and contribute to the solution of complex sustainability challenges. LUMES is a platform of intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange. This setting allows to learn and study together with extraordinary people from diverse backgrounds and to professionally and personally grow together. Especially, capacities such understanding complex problems, group work skills and passion for sustainability will be very useful in my future life.”
Ralf Bilke, LUMES Graduate 2012


Chad Boda“LUMES for me is so much more than a masters program, it's an experience! The practical knowledge provided by the excellent faculty and engaging course work coupled with the day to day interactions with classmates and friends from around the world makes the LUMES program one of a kind. The environmental and sustainability challenges addressed through this program are very real and sometimes seem insurmountable, but the knowledge and tools gained through LUMES are exactly what students need to equip themselves with the power to provide long-lasting change through thoughtful analysis and meaningful action. When I look at my classmates, past and present, I see the future of sustainability and
                                 know there is hope for the planet and future generations; I am proud to be a LUMESian!”
                                 Chad Stephen Boda, LUMES Graduate 2012


Ole"I got a job – and a quite good one: as a management consultant for the public sector in Nürnberg, Germany. During the last months of LUMES I started applying to a variety of companies and as so often, a friend’s boss just needed a new employee and two interviews later I got hired. My advice for the job finding process is: be flexible. If the interview is 1000km away and you got a day of notice, do it! That is how I got the job: on top of my qualifications I made an impression by making the effort of travelling and being flexible.

As a consultant for the public sector, I work project based, meaning; working with different teams on often two to three project at the same time. Especially as an economist and sustainability graduate I am not the classic business student, and I am considered to be valuable for the methodological approach LUMES has thought me. Combining different ideas, being innovative, creative and being able to work with people from different backgrounds makes the difference in the consultancy business: changing environments, challenging customers and changing teams are omnipresent.

On the theory side of the job, I often work together with senior experts, some of them teaching at a university. Thus the current theoretical discussions on sustainable business theory, systems thinking, sustainable energy concepts for municipalities and many more are on my table every day. Having studied the LUMES program, I profit a lot from the diverse range of input the program gave me, the social theory discourse, as well as the basics in environmental studies. But most important was the interactive way of learning at LUMES, with students form all around the world and so diverse backgrounds – truly inspiring, challenging at times, but worth the effort of trying to understand the other person, finding out about their standpoint and discussing the matter on a high theoretical level. The perfect preparation for my current job!"
Ole Oberste Berghaus, LUMES Graduate 2014

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