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Batch 20, 2016-2018


AlejandraAlejandra "Allie" Andrade




AnitaAnita Geertsen
Are edible insects the new black? An exploratory study assessing Danish children’s perception of edible insects



Ann-SofieAnne-Sofie Petersen




AyaAya Kasahara
Opening a new epoch of global ocean governance : a challenge for just benefit-sharing from the marine biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction



BalhazarBalthazar Mandahl Forsberg
Green bonds : greening capital, organizations and potentially a building or two : a case study of the green bond financed construction and real estate sector in Sweden



BenediktBenedikt "Ben" John
Time to walk the talk : investigating the incorporation of sustainability at Lund University School of Economics and Management



BenjaminBenjamin "Federico" Merrick
The power of hydrology in the Omo-Gibe River Basin : Gibe III and flood retreat agriculture on the river Omo



BrynnBrynn Szukala
The (Happy) Partnership between Feminism and Sustainability : exploring the potential of filling the gaps in sustainability education with feminist concepts, theories, and methods



CeciliaCecilia Jaques
Moonwalking through late-stage capitalism : on post-truth, Facebook, and the struggle over science



CharlotteCharlotte Jost
Pushing innovation from below : the role of accelerator programs in the German energy transition



EbbeEbbe Korsgaard Andersen
Managing nutrients in Denmark’s aquatic environment. A critique and a way forward for Danish management of re-created wetlands



ElinaElina Persson
Shit Matters! Assessing sociocultural barriers and opportunities for upscaling adoption of human faeces derived fertilizers in central Uganda



EmilEmil Hageman Christensen
Lifestyle change that matters: Introducing an ethics-as-politics approach to social change of consumer society in a Danish urban context



FabianFabian Bendisch
Can the Global North learn from the Global South? : exploring possibilities for overcoming the psychological barriers to degrowth



GavinGavin Lord
Biodiversity after Brexit : agri-environmental policy in England after Brexit and private investment in ecosystem services



GeorgiaGeorgia Verkuylen
Not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you : an examination into how subaltern counterpublics contribute to understanding social change towards commons management



IsabellIsabell Burian
It is up in the air : academic flying of Swedish sustainability academics and a pathway to organisational change



JosephineJosephine Ylipää
In the eye of the storm : a gendered study on climate change adaptation in small-scale farming in Thái Bình, Vietnam



JudithJudith Petra Mühlbacher
Que(e)rdenker*innen united :politicizing ecological grief within Western cultures of unsustainability through impulses from queer ecological theory and practice



JuliaJulia Häggström (study leave 2017-18)
Understanding women’s empowerment in WASH. A case study in the cascades and centre-sud regions of Burkina Faso



KatyKatharina "Katy" Wiese
Energy 4 all? Investigating gendered energy justice implications of community-based micro-hydropower cooperatives in Ethiopia



LeonardLeonard D'Crus
The devil in disguise : seeking political opportunity through Brexit to claim 'rights to the city' in London



LisaLisa Necksten (study leave 2017-18)



MaddeMadelene "Madde" Larsson
Completely obscure, just like sustainability : a critical analysis of circular economy principles within the Swedish fashion industry



MetteMette Orup
(Un)knowingly needing support : an exploration into the importance of social support and relations for climate-friendly Danes



NiklasNiklas Kaapke
Reaching for recognition and greening for growth : perceptions of justice with regard to Sámi reindeer husbandry and wind energy in Norway



OwenOwen Carr
Whisky is for drinking; Water is for fighting over : a critical investigation of the decision to build the Broken Hill Pipeline



SaraSara Fromm
Degrowth : a movement or a vision? Identifying barriers and potentials for a powerful agent of change for the socio-ecological transformation in Barcelona



StephanieStephanie Touveneau Petersen
Biowaste Non-Sorters - Who Cares. Examining Arguments and Factors from Citizens Not Sorting Biowaste in Copenhagen and Recommendations for a Way Forward



Su YeongSu Yeong Jo
Republic of Korea
Unveiling stories in Korean smog : a critical discourse analysis of the air pollution policy of Seoul metropolitan government in Korea



TessaTessa Mazar
Putting the power in plants : using green infrastructure to reduce nonpoint source pollution in aquatic ecosystems in the urban center of Dublin



ThereseTherese Hågerup
Shit Matters! Assessing sociocultural barriers and opportunities for upscaling adoption of human faeces derived fertilizers in central Uganda



ThiagoThiago Toste
Local currencies: a tool for sustainability? : a: transitions perspective on the impacts of local currencies for sustainability : the case of the Bristol Pound



TimTim Bauer
Smart planet governance : analyzing the role of big data for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals



TinelaTinela "Tina" Selaru
Climate sceptics and climate believers : climate change beliefs and intergroup perceptions in a Swedish context



TsvetiTsvetelina "Tsveti" Tomova
The mountain stands alone : between conservation in Pirin National Park and tourism demand



ZmicierZmicier Vaskovich





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