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Batch 21, 2017-2019


Alice17Alice Kasznar Feghali
“Not even a millimeter more” An analysis of Brazil’s government’s discourse on Indigenous Peoples’ land rights and possible consequences



anna17Anna Stephens
Climate change and human trafficking: an investigation into how climate change and natural disasters increase the risk of human trafficking and how it can be intercepted in the future



annamarie17Annemarie Russ
Villain or scapegoat: New perspectives towards understanding the current management of the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka



annika17Annika Kettenburg
Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability. On theoretical limitations, practical potentials and political discourses



asger17Asger Mindegaard
A shady future for Brazilian agriculture? Obstacles to and opportunities for agroforestry as a sustainable alternative to current agricultural practices


carlhenrik17Carl Henrik Sundström
Monaco / Sweden
Sustaining human capital in the modern workplace: an exploration of a sustainable workplace at Glimworks, a small-sized Swedish IT company



carlos17Carlos Cordova Maldonado
Accelerating Sustainability through Human Development. Managing the complexity of supporting social enterprises toward the implementation of sustainable development



caroline17Caroline Harding
The Beach Belongs to Us! Local perceptions of the high dollar tourism industry and coastal development in Barbados from an Environmental Justice perspective



cristian17Cristian Pons-Seres De Brauwer
Towards a citizen-driven low-carbon energy transition: Exploring the potential for collective investment schemes in community renewable energy in Europe to reduce greenhouse gas emissions



david17David Boyd
The Grass is Always Bluer. An investigation into the applicability of Market-based Governance for Seagrass in Sweden



dora17Dora Leitner
Addressing the gap between Hungary’s biomass potential and its current practices



ellen17Ellen Putri Edita
Aerotropolis: At what cost, to whom? An analysis of social and environmental impacts of New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) project, Indonesia



elsa17Elsa Fraysse
France / USA
The changing landscape of France and its future for organic farming



gloriakarin17Gloria-Karin Lopez
Harmonizing social and ecological sustainability through human rights and weak anthropocentrism : A case study of green urban spaces and education in Malmö



halley17Halley Rainer
From theory to practice: food waste reduction strategies in literature and a case study of municipalities in Skåne, Sweden



henriette17Henriette Sandstå
Cruising away from strong sustainability? A case-study of the social and environmental trade-offs of cruise tourism in Flåm, Norway



iris17Iris Hertog
The Netherlands
Struggling for an ideal dialogue. An analysis of the regional dialogue processes under Sweden’s first National Forest Program



jens17Jens Schubert
‘There’s blood on it’ - Does being aware of the negative social and environmental consequences of cocaine shape intended consumption of causal consumers?



jorge17Jorge Hinojosa
Troubled winds from the South: The impact of large-scale wind energy projects on indigenous communities in Oaxaca



julie17Julie Ghosez




kamya17Kamya Sati
Let it grow! How Malmö municipality can help urban agriculture support the transition to a sustainable city.



katalin17Katalin Lakatos
A small step for emissions accounting, a giant leap for sustainability? Unpacking the debate around the consumption-based emissions accounting method.



laura17Laura Betancur Alarcón
Peace in the peaks? Changes in water and land distribution in Colombia’s southern highlands during the Post-Peace Agreement phase



louisemaria17Louise Maria Skotte Moller




luciab17Lucia Betzler




luciadp17Lucia Di Paola
"I don't care if they put trees on it, it's still a skyscraper" Exploring activists' dissensus against Milan's urban greening and sustainability approach



luciana17Luciana Capuano Mascarenhas
Sowing hope, harvesting justice: How Vila Nova Esperança transformed the environment into an ally to claim rights



lukas17Lukas Del Giudice
Germany / Italy




mari17Mari Peltola




maria17Maria Cespedes
Two sides of a coin: Analyzing benefits and limitations of payment for water ecosystem services in Lima´s water fund



mathieu17Mathieu Mal
Overcoming obstacles to Lund University’s sustainability goals: a case study on the use of behavioral insights in canteen settings



micaela17Micaela Cosgrove
Let it grow! How Malmö municipality can help urban agriculture support the transition to a sustainable city.



milla17Milla Susi
Searching for consensus: A study of hydrosocial relations in the water management of river Eurajoki in southwestern Finland



paula17Paula Ottenberg
Spinning facts. Of spin, post-truth and the instrumentalisation of science. A case study from Denmark



rasmus17Rasmus Larsen
Cash greens everything around me? Identifying key barriers and drivers for advancing low-carbon investments in Denmark’s finance industry and evaluating the transition efforts of the industry


rene17René Inderbitzin




ricardo17Ricardo Gómez Zamudio
Energy-water nexus in Mexico: A network-based approach of polycentric governance.



sandra17Sandra Seethaler
Work is where my bike is. Identifying windows of opportunity for bike commuting in the heart of Germany’s car industry



sarah17Sarah Hite
"Waste not, want not": an analysis of sustainable waste management practices in Fort Collins, Colorado from a transition perspective



tahura17Tahura Farbin
Empowering the powerless: Investigating the sustainability of climate change adaptation through the lens of empowerment in Char Shakhahati, Bangladesh



selja17Selja Snorradottir
The buzzing future of food: Opportunities and barriers for Denmark to normalize insects as a sustainable meat alternative



tina17Tina Markkula
“I guess everyone is a Keynesian in a foxhole” The story of the war against climate change and how regulated capitalism can make the WTO a force of good



tyko17Tyko Ager
The roots of the green gold: A critical policy analysis of how the forest is represented in the Swedish forest policy shift of 1993.



victoria17Victoria Jepson
At what price? Searching for environmentally sustainable and socially just urban greening strategies in Malmö, Sweden



will17Will Baigent
Switching Lanes: The potential of laneway housing in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto, Canada



yue17Yue Chen
The debt of economic development: analysis of the environmental injustice of inhabitants related to lead-acid battery industry in China







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