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Batch 1, 1997-1998

9798-abeerAbeer Salah, Jordan
Addressing Barriers Hindering the Practice of Strategic Environmental Assessment
- a Case Study of Biogas Production from Municipal Solid Waste in Jordan



Anamika Sherestha, Nepal

9798-annakarinAnna-Karin Modin-Edman, Sweden
On how to Conduct Multidisciplinary Environmental Research: The case of Lund University


9798-ausraAusra Smitiene Rackauskaite, Lithuania
Assessment of Efforts to Solve the Water Pollution Problem in Kaunas


9798-christerChrister Kalén, Sweden
Forests, Acidification,and the Socio-Economic cost
– Estimating damage- and mitigation cost of forest soil acidification


9798-daozhongDaozhong Zou, China
The Application of Economic Instruments for Preventing and Controlling the Industrial Pollution in China


9798-denizDeniz Koca, Turkey
The Rubber Industry and Extended Producers Responsibility Framework

9798-elenaElena Talockaite, Lithuania
Lithuania’s Energy System: Towards Sustainability

9798-haiHai Chun Lin, China
Using Radio & Television As An Environmental Medium in China. Analysis on the Potentials of
Radio & TV for People’s Environmental Awareness to Sustainability.


9798-henrikHenrik Frijs, Germany
SMEs and the Environment: Developing A Framework for an Integrated EM Practice


9798-huongHuong Nguyen Viet, Vietnam
Sustainable Environmental Housing. Case Studies in Lund and Hanoi


9798-hordurHördur Haraldsson, Iceland
Is Ecological Living in Sweden Different from Conventional Living? – A Case Study of the Ecological Village Toarp and the Conventional Town Oxie in South Sweden


9798-igorIgor Drobyshev, Russia
Sustainable Forest Management and Society: An example from the North-West of Russia


9798-tatianaIngrid Tatiana Naranjo Ruiz, Colombia
Adults’ Environmental Understanding:
How Do Adults Represent Their Relationships with the Environment?


9798-omondiJames Owuor Omondi, Kenya
Sustainable Agriculture? An analysis of Agricultural Developments in Machakos District, Kenya


9798-jensJens Birkenheim, UK
SMEs and the Environment: Developing A Framework for an Integrated EM Practice


9798-johanJohan Stenberg, Sweden
Environmentally Adjusted Product Development Within the Defence Industry–A Study at Bofors Weapon Systems



                     Joseph Gbagbo, Ghana


9798-juvyJuvy Bongo, Philippines
Biocriteria and System Analysis in the Assessment of Human Impact in Butuanon River, The Philippines: It’s Implication to Sustainable Watershed Management. A Case Study of Butuanon River Watershed, Cebu Province


9798-kazingaKazinga Annet Nanyonga, Uganda
The Role of NGOs in Rural Development. The case of Uganda


9798-leiLei Zeng, China
Private Car or Bus? A Study of the Sustainable Urban Passenger Transport System in Beijing.


9798-malinMalin Månsson, Sweden
Environmental Behaviour and Behaviour Change. A Study of Agenda 21 in Twelve Municipalities

9798-mariaMaria José Meseguer Penalva, Spain
Public Participation in the Process of Integrated Coastal Zone Management


9798-muktaMukta Kumra, India
Improving Environmental Performance of Pension Funds


9798-petraPetra Wilhelmsson, Sweden
Environmental Indicator Development. A Tool for Svedala Municipality to Achieve their Environmental Goals


9798-tracyTracy Nilsson, Canada
Environmental Education and Training: A tool for Change Within the Service System.
Research into 12 Service Companies in Denmark and Sweden


9798-virginieVirginie Lannes, France
Assessing the Sustainability of Tramway’s Impacts on the spatial Development of a Cities – Development of a General Framework



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