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Batch 10, 2006-2008

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Aaron Thomas, Canada (UK)

Alham Yusuf, Australia
Emissions Trading Scheme Effects on the Australian Electricity System - A Qualitative Study of Environment Society and Economy

Andrea Cinquina, Italy
Sustainable public urban transport systems: The case of Curitiba

Annika Tibblin, Sweden
Stress, Over-consumption and Climate change. Can humans manage climate chnage if social norms include the significance of attachment, altruism, global thinking and local action?

Arjun Thirunavukarasu, UK
Coordination between the English Planning System and Flood Risk Management Systems: An assessment of Current Policy, Practice and Recommendations for a more Sustainable Relationship

Autumn Thoyre, USA
Community Effects on Individual Pro-Environmental Action: Social Capital and Environmental Sustainability in the United States

Camille Gil, France
Civil disobedience: The roadmap to Ecological Citizenship

Camille Delepierre, France
Slowing down? Why Cities should decrease Car Speed and why they do not. With Lund, Malmö and Lille Examples

David Gaston, New Zealand
Moving Forward With Your Back to the Future. The Experiences of Three Values-Communities in New Zealand for Re-Orientation of Modernity towards a Sustainable Society

Eduardo Torres Silvia, Mexico
Factors Influencing the Development of Local Renewable Energy Strategies:The cases of Lolland and Samsø Islands in Denmark

Fadina Olukayode, Nigeria 

Filomena Cornelio, Angola
Energy-Poverty and its Impacts in the Peri-urban zones of Huambo City, Angola

Francisco Hernandez, Argentina
Analysis of the Espoo Convention as applied to mega projects: The case of Nord Stream.

Frederick Armah, Ghana
Local Participation in Water Resource Management: Case Study of Old Fadama Community, Ghana

Ignacio Velasco, Mexico
More sustainable cooking technologies – A Case Study in rural kitchens in Michoacan, Mexico

Jennifer Hinton, USA
Is the circular economy ambitious enough? A look at incorporating PSS (product-service systems) into China´s leapfrog development strategy

Kaela Kangwa, Zambia
An Assessment of the Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of the Mining Industry. A Case Study of Copper mining in Zambia

Lauent Peutin, France
The Wolf Ate my Sheep! Assessing the Social Impacts of the Return of the Wolf on Sheep Herding and Traditional Pastoralism. Case Study in the French Alps.

Marco Chiu, Ecuador
Towards Sustainable Water Resources Management. Understanding the Relevance of Participatory Processes used as an integral part of Water Resource Management strategies in the Ecuadorian Andes

Marie-Hélène Westholm, France
Offshore Wind Power and the Challenges related to Public Participation and Local Acceptance: Comparative Case study in France and Denmark

Maryam Nastar, Iran
Synergy of Disciplines for Sustainability. Analyses of agent interactions in the transition management cycle to tackle the water scarcity issue (Case Study: The Ebro River Basin, Spain)

Niki Maskey, Nepal
Investing in Ecosystem Services: Opportunities and Challenges for Shivapuri National Park, Nepal

Oleg Izyumenko, Russia

Reshmi Vasudevan, India
Trend Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Indian Aviation Sector: A study of the implications of future Civil Aviation Demand.

Rhoda Kachali, Zambia
Stakeholder Interactions in Wetlands: Implications for Social Ecological System Sustainability. A case of Lukanga Swamps, Zambia.

Samson Abaya, Ethiopia
Floods and Health in Gambella region, Ethiopia: An Assessment of the strength and weakness of the coping mechanism

Summer Jiang, China 

Theoharis Tziovaris, Greece
How to effectively communicate sustainability issues to politicians

Torsten Krause, Germany
Is biodiversity conservation possible? A Case study on penguin conservation and local development in Chiloé, Chile.

Vi Sa Tu, Vietnam
Conserving Nature Through Community - Based Strategies A multiple case study in South East Asia.

Vivianne Aggestam, Sweden
Irrigation management in conventional and organic potato production – A case study on the East Anglia region UK, working towards a sustainable future

Yo Suzuki, Japan
Comparative Case Studies in Experience-base Learning for Sustainability: Principle and Practice of 4H and Permaculture in Lund, Sweden

Yuanqiao Wu, China
Green Purchasing to Achieve Corporate Sustainability - Case study on Swedish large companies

Yulan Jin, China 

Zeynep Saglam, Turkey
Multi Stakeholder Platforms as a Way towards a Sustainable Water Basin Management: The Case of Istanbul’s Ömerli Basin

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