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Batch 11, 2007-2009

abate11Abate Senbeta, Ethiopia
Climate Change Impact on agriculture, Vulnerability and Coping Mechanisms:
A Case Study of West-Arsi Zone, Ethiopia


ahoo11Ahoo Salem, Iran
Grilling Alone; the Dark Side of Social Capital in Malmö
Exploring impacts of social networks in the integration of an Afghan community




Amira Miholjcic, Bosnia-Herzegovina 


Anna-Leena Ikkala, Finland
The Upcoming REDD Mechanism in the Light of Existing Forest Instruments



Aron Hendrix, Sweden/USA
A case study on urban renewal through community governance in two Berlin neighborhoods


Camilla Skjerve-Nielssen, Norway
EVALUATING THE SUSTAINABILITY VALUE MAP: A case study of Sagene Urban District, Oslo, Norway.

cary11Cary Hendrickson, USA
To Develop or Conserve?
A Case Study on Biodiversity Protection and Local Sustainable Development in Jiuzhaigou, China


Christian Schmidt, Canada
Pasture Based Farming and Regime Change in a Transition Management Perspective

epule11Epule Epule, Cameroon
The Effects of Climate Change on Water and agricultural Resources in the Sahel of Cameroon
Vulnerability, Adaptations and Management Options


fabrizio11Fabrizio Trocchia, Italy
Habermas on the barricades Democratizing the Public Sphere Through Direct Action:
a Case Study of Environmental Protest in Susa Valley, Italy


hitesh11Hitesh Soneji, USA
Connected Consequences: Resource Depletion and North-South Inequities of
the Global Material Intensity of the Internet and Mobile Telephony


Idris Fofana, Sierra Leone
A socio-economic sustainability assessment of livelihoods from scrap metal collection in Freetown, Sierra Leone.



Irina Li, Uzbekistan 

isaac11Isaac Campbell, USA
"Things that Matter in One Hundred Years"
- The Importance of Social Capital in Private Land Conservation in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed


jeffery11Jeffrey Harti, Canada, Ireland
Local Economic and Social Benefits of Corporate and Community Owned
Wind Projects in Europe, Japan and North America


Junia Faria, Brazil
Biodiesel for rural development A sustainability assessment of the Brazilian biodiesel program

kayoko11Kayoko Kumasaka, Japan
Is Japan Ready to Adopt a Sustainability Framework?
Case Study of The Natural Step Framework Application by Japanese Corporations


Lucy Brown, Scotland
PERSONALISING CONSUMPTION? The legitimacy of an individual carbon quota scheme in the UK


Merahi Ahferom, Eritrea
Sustainability Assessment of a Bus Rapid Transport System: The Case of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

michael11Michael Anissimoff, Canada
The Eutrophication of the Baltic Sea:
An Assessment of a Remediation Strategy Encompassing Wetlands, Algae,and Biogas


Mirjam van der Hoek, The Netherlands
Landscape planning from a child's perspective A case study in the Vombsänkan in southernmost Sweden

Mwemezi Rwiza, Tanzania
Innovations and Sustainability: The Case of Improved Biomass Stoves' Adoption and Use in Tanzania

Olof Blomqvist, Sweden
Different types of climate labels for food products



Robin Goldstein, Canada



Roseann Dunne, Ireland

ruth11Ruth Oettle, Australia
The Environment for sale? The examination of the critical features of a third-party
in facilitating a transaction in the market for environmental offsets.


sarah11Sarah Kollnig, Austria
INCORRIGIBLY PLURAL On what grounds can we acknowledge a diversity of
perspectives in sustainability science?


sonali11Sonali David, India
Impact of language barriers on Sustainability awareness
and related (sustainable) issues amongst the youth of Navi Mumbai


Stellarose11Stella Rose Ademun, Uganda
Domestic Water Supply:
An Evaluation of the Impacts; Challenges and Prospects on Women in Rural Households in Uganda


therese11Therese Näsman, Sweden
The road to sustainable housing?! -A study of how to include energy efficiency in the
procurement process and building organisation when renovating apartment buildings


Wafula Wamalwa, Kenya
Prospects and Limitations of Integrated Watershed Management in Kenya: A Case Study of Mara Watershed

walter11Walter Garcia, Ecuador
A Multi-Level Perspective of the Construction and Demolition Waste Management in the city of Guayaquil,
Ecuador. A close Look to Actor's Response to the Legislation and the Reasons Behind their Behavior.


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