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Batch 12, 2008-2010

Alessandro Barni, Italy
From Conflict to Co-Operation: Challenges of Environmental Peace-Building in the Lower Jordan Valley

Anna Davies, UK
A Bridge Over Troubled Waters? An ecosystems based approach to fisheries management in the Baltic Sea

Björn Gunnarsson, Sweden
Adoption of Knowledge Related to Sustainable Forestry from a Gambian Perspective

Claudia Marcela Fonseca Alfaro, Mexico
The Environmentalism of the Poor? A Case Study of Urban Poverty in Ocotlán, Mexico.

courtney12Courney Dahl, USA
Connecting consumption with environmental impact:
Waste prevention and Pay as You Throw, a collective case study in Sweden

Dalia Abaraviciute, Lithuania
Environmental protection through criminal law: the case study of Lithuania

Emma Abby, USA



Erin Kenzie, USA
Eyes on the Stars and Feet on the Ground: Creative tension and the role of affect in
promoting action on climate change

Geannine Chabaneix, Peru
The Camisea gas Project in the Peruvian Amazon. The promises and perils of hydrocarbon exploitation

Georgina Villarreal, Mexico
Research for Sustainability - An analysis of key factors supporting strategic decision-making -

na12Guo Na, China
China’s Mountain Regions: How to Maintain an Environmentally Sustainable Development
While Improving Livelihoods? ---A Case Study of Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province, Southwest Part of China

Hans Cruse, Sweden
Respoking the Hub. Updating a 19th century public transit system for a 21st century Boston

Henner Busch, Germany
Local Success Stories. An analysis of the motivations of municipalities in Germany to support renewable energies

Jasper Schilling, The Netherlands
Towards a Greener Green Space Planning. Urban green space planning in Lisbon (Portugal)

Jill Marie Tymchak, Canada
Ecological Modernization in the United Kingdom: A Case for Distributed Solar Generation Through Street Lights

Jonida Abazaj, Albania
Reconciliation of Inconsistent Frameworks: An Analysis of the WFD and the Renewable Energy Directive

kaitlin12Kaitlin Almack, Canada
The Natural Capital Approach in Decision-Making. Stakeholder Conflicts in the Establishment
of an Urban National Park in Toronto, Canada


karin12Karin Lundgren, Sweden
Capacity Building for Sustainability? An evaluation study of the capacity building programmes following
the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (PoPs).



Katherine Schugren-Meyer, USA
Agroecology: integrating a socioecological model into the mainstream agrifood system in the United States

kerstin12Kerstin Baumanns, Germany
The contribution of ash recycling to the sustainability of bioenergy from forest biomass:
An analysis of Götaland, Sweden



Laura Williams, Trinidad & Tobago
Second Home Tourism in Rural Tobago – The Perceived Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts


Livia Hollins, New Zealand
Dealing with change, complexity and uncertainty in global climate change negotiations –
is adaptiveness the answer?



Lucas Le Provost, France
From water profiteers to distribution caretakers. A case study on how to integrate water vendors
into Kathmandu's water supply system system.



Margarita Villalobos, Colombia
A Deep Green Journey: Case Study of the Procurement Activity as
an Effective Accelerator of Skanska’s Green Visio


Mariana González Armijo, Mexico
Transforming Links. Participation, Empowerment and Foreign Aid Dependency.
An investigation of rural development projects in Honduras.



Mariya Ten, Uzbekistan
Knowledge on Sustainability among Schoolchildren: A Case Study in Lund City, Sweden



Martina Angela Caretta, Italy
Testing virtuous spirals.
Exploring the process of women’s empowerment through microcredit schemes in Kisumu, Kenya


nina12Nina Srot, Slovenia
Social Learning and Waste Management: A Tongatapu Case Study



Taradokht Jahanarai, Iran
Wind power planning in Sweden: Public participation and local people’s opposition

tesform12Tesfom Solomon, Eritrea
REDD+ in the Context of Cameroon: Assessing the Viability of Community Forestry
Management (CFM) for Achieving REDD+ Goals: the case of Kilum-Ijim



Timothy Taylor, New Zealand
A Study of Sustainable Social Progress in the Kingdom of Tonga

tyler12Tyler Strom, USA
Local Food Systems & Sustainable Development: Analyzing a Regime Change
in Kane County, Illinois, USA, through a Transition Theory Perspective



Yi Fan Chung, Malaysia
The Orang Asli of Malaysia: Poverty, Sustainability and Capability Approach

yike12Yike Qin, China
To coordinate forest conservation and rural livelihood in a Coptis-planting based community.
A case study in Shizhu County, China

zeljka12Zeljka Fistrek, Croatia
Why Should We Be "Greening the Coast"?
A Case of Mangrove Restoration in the South-West Bay of Bengal



Zoi Volioti, Greece
Can the sunshine be enough?
An evaluation of the Greek Photovoltaic Rooftop Program according to sustainability science


zuzana12Zuzana Klimova, Slovakia
Public Participation in Urban Renewal Projects. A Chinese Perspective


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