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Batch 16, 2012-2014

Anja16Anja Greenshields, Germany / United Kingdom
The WTO: Environmental Friend or Environmental Foe?

Annalena16Anna-Lena Klassen, Germany
The Achilles Heel of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive sustainability criteria.
The policy on biofuel and its limitation to understanding


caitlin16Caitlin Kelliher, USA
“From Farm-to-Fork”: Proposed “Food Production Node” Placements in
the Upstate, South Carolina to Increase Efficiency of Local Food System Networks


chris16Christopher Lüderitz, Germany
Mainstreaming ecosystem-based adaptation into municipal planning to foster sustainability transitions


eneko16Eneko Igartua, Spain
Blurring Boundaries. The Role of Sustainability Reporting as a Boundary Object in FMCG Supply Chains


erika16Erika Yates, Canada / Sweden
Can’t see the fruit for the trees: How social norms and discourses affect fruit-picking behavior in Copenhagen


eva16Eva Wiesemann, Germany
From “Win-Win” to “Lose-Lose”. How Neoliberalism Undermines the Sustainable City –
A Case Study of Hamburg

genevieve16Geneviève Boisjoly, Canada
Visions in motion. Integrating the social dimension of transport through local participatory planning in Montreal

hronn16Hrönn Guðmundsdóttir, Iceland
Scare Abundance. A critical analysis of Iceland’s renewable energy sector
in times of growth’s cultural hegemony

ina16Ina Maria Möller, Germany
Importing Products, Exporting Standards? Examining how the European Union diffuses sustainable process
and production methods through trade


james16James Cunningham, United Kingdom
The Olympics - Going for gold and what else? Can London 2012 urban regeneration legacy
be considered as sustainable development?


janclaus16Jan Claus Di Blasio, Italy / The Netherlands
Conflicts and visions in the woods of Diana. Cultural landscape management in Ariccia, Italy


jane16Jane Dinh, USA



jennifer16Jennifer Abb, France
Increasing organic food consumption in Spain. An analysis of policy obstacles in
national and European policy


jian16Jian Chen Jehpsson, China / Sweden
Eco-City on the Rise. A Study on Green Capitalism, Neoliberal Planning and
Corruption in China’s Eco-City Development


klara16Klara Johanna Winkler, Germany
More than wine. Cultural ecosystem services in vineyard landscapes


larissa16Larissa Stiem, Germany
‘Benefit beyond carbon’ – for whom? A Gender Analysis of Communal Forest
Governance and Forest Resource Use in the Democratic Republic of Congo


lasse16Lasse Brand, Germany

Contagious Consumption. How workplaces promote their employees’
organic food consumption - the case of preschools in Lund

lisa16Lisa Niven, New Zeeland
Harnessing the green and blue: an investigation of ecosystem-based adaptation
measures in four southern Swedish coastal municipalities


luisa16Luisa Fernanda Suarez Rozo, Colombia
We are what we eat: Investigating enabling factors for dietary change and
sustainable diets in Skåne


lynn16Lynn Sundelius, Sweden
And the award goes to… A critical analysis of environmental reforms in Upplands Väsby


marten16Marten Frederik Verheugt, The Netherlands
Giving the Green Light. Analysis of Transition Management within the Dutch Energy Transition


ole16Ole Oberste Berghaus, Germany
Environmental Accounting. Media, Activists and Hennes and Mauritz in a mixed-method
perspective and implications for the fashion industry


olga16Olga Abramczyk, Poland
A multilevel stakeholder analysis of drivers and barriers of drivers and barriers


peer16Peer Klüssendorf, Germany
Structural and Individual Obstacles in Delayed Institutional Adaptation and Implementation
of Environmental Policies. Environmental Procrastination – Save the World Another Day


philippePhilippe Wee, USA
Choo Choo Choosing Sustainable Transport. Unraveling the factors of human behavior
that influence Sony Mobile Communication employees and Emporia shoppers transport mode decisions


phillip16Phillip Donsbach, USA
Funding Renewable Energy Innovations. Crowdsourcing as means to Facilitate
Innovative Sustainable Technologies in the Energy Sector


ryuei16Ryuei Sasaki, Japan
Urban Prosperity without Growth? Sustainable City Development with Focus on Human Flourishing


saara16Saara Pellikka, Finland
What does it take to make farming sustainable? Lessons from southern Finnish organic farmers



sophia16Sophia Schuff, USA
Making Urban Places. A social innovation transition through placemaking in Lund, Sweden


stefan16Stefan Partelow, Sweden / USA
Assessing sustainability in lobster fisheries as social-ecological systems:
A framework and research protocol


thomas16Thomas Petin, Sweden / France



verena16Verena Hermelingmeier, Germany
Harmonizing OPERAs voices. An investigation of different perspectives on
the ecosystem services concept and their implications for research and practice


vlad16Vlad Melnic, Canada / Romania
Running on Fossil Fumes. The Norwegian Snøvit case of fossil fuel depletion
and obstacles for a sustainable transition to renewables



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