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Batch 17, 2013-2015


Abigail BradyAbigail Brady, UK
Managed Realignment for habitat compensation:
Contributing to nature conservation or furthering biodiversity loss? England’s implementation of Article 6(4)
of the EU Wild Birds and Habitats Directives at the coast.


Alexander HoffmannAlexander Hoffmann, Germany
Much ado about doing nothing : the conflicts about the Black Forest National Park as a call for integrating forgotten understandings of nature


Andreas SvennefiordAndreas Svennefiord, USA
Learning to Change the Rules of the Game.
Institutional capacity for social learning in Helsingborg’s climate change adaptation process


Anja HeidenreichAnja Heidenreich, Germany


Aude Matthey-DoretAude Matthey-Doret, Switzerland
The Compact City: A Dead-end for Urban Sustainability?
An analysis of the Compact City’s Desirability Dimension. A Case Study of Geneva


Carolin JaschekCarolin Jaschek, Germany
You Spy With Your Little Eye.
Multimedia Insights into a Global Movement from a Grassroots Perspective


Christina Skjolding HjelmChristina Skjolding Hjelm, Denmark



christophChristoph Aberle, Germany
“We drive until the last vehicle is stuck”
How resilient is Hamburg’s Public Transport system to Climate Change effects?


David LammersDavid Lammers, Germany (study leave Fall 2014 - Spring 2015, graduated in June 2016)
Quo vadis, resilience? Assessing the application of a contested concept within the uMngeni Resilience Project in South Africa


Diana NorenaDiana Norena, Colombia
Undermining environmental justice?
Community-Company conflicts with La Colosa gold mine in Cajamarca, Colombia


Dora AdamDora Adam, Hungary
Growing change. An analysis of learning processes in community gardens in Budapest


Emily Norford
Emily Norford, USA
A Tale of Three Cities. A comparative analysis of climate policy formulation in Swedish municipalities


Emma FaltstromEmma Fältström, Sweden
Thicker than water. Exploring values among actors sharing a water body for effective management:
The case of Lake Ringsjön


Flavia Speiski Dos SantosFlavia Speiski Dos Santos, Brazil
Building capacity to adapt to climate change through local actor support.
A case study of an informal settlement in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Gesa LangerGesa Langer, Germany
… for they know not what they do. An exploratory review of the barriers to pro-environmental behaviour
and policy approaches to address them.


Gokhan GulbandilarGökhan Gülbandilar, Turkey
They Know Very Well What They Are Doing, But Still, They Are Doing It"
Turkish Cittaslow Towns of Gökçeada and Halfeti


Javier Munoz Blanco GarciaJavier Munoz Blanco Garcia, Spain
Farming in the European Union: from organic to sustainable.
An assessment of legal transition based on land stewardship and participatory guarantee systems


Jens HeidingsfelderJens Heidingsfelder, Germany
Let’s Talk Aluminium. Evaluating the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative’s Effectiveness and
Applicability as a Mechanism in Sustainability Governance from a Multi-Stakeholder Perspective


Lorena Arellano GosdenovichLorena Arellano-Gosdenovich, Ecuador
Private Conservation: Hope for Biodiversity Conservation?
A multiple-case study of private protected areas in Ecuador


Lucian NegrutLucian Negrut, Romania
Shades of yellow and green: barriers affecting the liquid biofuels for transport in Romania. A multi-level approach



Luise HeinrichLuise Heinrich, Germany
An acidic future for Norwegian fisheries?
Assessing the socio-economic vulnerability of the Norwegian fishery


Lukas von SchuckmannLukas von Schuckmann, Germany
The Warring Gods of Sustainability.
Approaches to Sustainability within Capitalism


Maja HoffmannMaja Hoffmann, Germany
Change put to work. A degrowth perspective on unsustainable work, postwork alternatives and politics


Maria SvantemarkMaria Svantemark, Sweden
Organic beef production = sustainable beef production?
An analysis of key sustainability criteria in the sector


Marius von EssenMarius von Essen, Germany
Cork before Cattle. Quantifying Ecosystem Services in the Portuguese Montado
and Questioning Ecosystem Service Mapping


Marthe ZirngieblMarthe Zirngiebl, Germany
O Steward, my Captain, what will the Sea do to us?
Adding a Risk Governance Perspective to Climate Change Adaptation Planning in Malmö


Mattias HolmstromMattias Holmström, Sweden
Our disenchanted hope.
An exploratory outlook on youth, climate change adaptation and transformation


Pascal MaginPascale Magin, Germany
Rule of Law for Whom?
Questioning the Beneficiaries of Mozambican Land and Resource Rights


Philip HoltamPhilip Holtam, UK
Green Herrings?! Looking for agents of Ecological Modernisation in the Öresund region
and exploring their understandings of sustainability transitions


Sara TornrosSara Törnros, Sweden
Moving from Vulnerability to Capability.
The role of Social Capital for Disaster Risk and Resilience


Sarah CostaSarah Costa, Bangladesh
Practical Approach Towards Degrowth Transition.
A Case Study of an Emerging Ecovillage in Kalmar, Sweden


Seth WynesSeth Wynes, Canada
Carbon and curriculum.
Towards evidence-based climate change education in Canada


Shrina KuraniShrina Kurani, USA
Forget about carbon - let's go on holiday!
Using tourist values to conserve seagrass meadows


Signe LarsenSigne Larsen, Denmark
Threatened forest, threatened culture : a case study of subjectivities, nature and resistance in Embobut Forest


Sydney Page HayesSydney Page-Hayes, USA
Equal responsibility, unequal ability.
Allocation of environmental responsibility in pro-environmental behavior research


Theodor AaldersTheodor Aalders, Germany
Fluid Risks - The Politics of Risk-Scaling at Urban Rivers in Nairobi



Theres KonradTheres Konrad, Austria
FARMING for FOOD? Local ways to enhance global food supply - and beyond.
An ethnographic case study from a biodynamic community-supported farm in El Bolsón, Argentina


Tim TannhofTim Tannhof, Germany
Learning in a Changing Climate:
Examining trans-municipal learning processes for sustainable urban planning


Tobias GebetsbergerTobias Gebetsberger, Austria
Living on the Water.
A Social Innovati on Approach to Flood Adaptati on Planning in the River Basin Eferding/Austria


Vitaliy SoloviyVitaliy Soloviy, Ukraine
Reimagining Sustainability Science for Life beyond the Anthropocene.
Multispecies Conviviality, Meaningful Postmodernity and politics of ‘otherwise-than-power’



Graduation batch 17
Graduation batch 17



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