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Batch 2, 1998-1999

Batch 2, 1998-1999

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Alistair Chadwick, South Africa
Environmental Education, in an Educational System wherein Academic Subjects no Longer Exist:
Learning from the Swedish Experience

Anna Gårdmark, Sweden
Critical Harvest - the Importance of Interacting Species and Space for Fishery Management

Charlotte Ahlgren, Sweden
Östra Sannorna - Beach or Biodiversity? A Study of a Wetland area in Central Sweden

Eva Lövbrand, Sweden
Equality Labeling Sustainable Development;
A study on the role of gender equality in the Swedish implementation of sustainable development


Franc Grimm, Germany
The Use of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier for the Private and Public Transport Sector in Germany

Georgios Gaitanis, Greece
A System's Approach for Understanding the Dynamic Complexity in
Managing Scarce Water Resources (The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)


Girts Karss, Latvia
An Evaluation of Environmental Loads from Wastewater Treatment in Latvia, Madona Case Study

Gohar Astvatsatryan, Armenia
Applicability Study for Cleaner Production Measures for Tourist Resorts in an Eastern European Context

Jon Nilsson-Djerf, Sweden
Social Factors in Integrated Waste Management;
Measuring the Social Elements of Sustainable Waste Management
Junlin Ma, China
Renewable Hydrogen Energy System for Households Application

Kerstin Åstrand, Sweden
The Eko-Energi Program - A Case Study of the Implementation Process in Södra

Komathi Kolandai, Malaysia
A Spiritual Appeal to Environmental Behaviour:
Addressing Global Problems of Population Growth and Consumption

Li Li, China
A Case Study of Municipal Solid Waste Management in the Municipality of Jingshan, China

Lilit Haroutjunyan, Armenia
Economic Approach to Water Management, Case Study:
Introducing economic instruments for water management in Armenia


Lina Mercado, Colombia
Modeling Rainforest Carbon and Water Dynamics - Comparison of different land-use systems
following removal of primary forest in the Colombian Amazon


Lopamudra Giri, India 

Magnus Björnsson, Iceland
An EIA study on the "Sundabraut" project in Reykjavik, Iceland

Magnus Grönvall, Sweden
Sustainable Product Development as Practised in Developing Countries

Maria Andreoudi,
Greece What Went Wrong: Tourism Development on the Island of Lefkada, Greece.

Matthew Banks, USA
Safeguarding Natural Assets, An Assessment of Alternative Stewardship Systems for Open Space Protection

Nadira Dilanthi Yapa, Sri Lanka
Exploring the Connections between Urban Land-Use and the Environmental Systems; A comparative analysis of the organisation of the urban space in Colombo and Curitiba

Olga Kostyk, Russia 

Roba El-Ghadban, UAE
An analysis on the management of scarce water resources in Jordan - A System's approach

Sergei Bacaniov, Moldova
An Approach Towards Sustainable Development for Moldova: Implementation of 1991 VOC Protocol to the LRTAP Convention

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