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Batch 3, 1999-2000

Batch 3, 1999-2000

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Aled Jones, UK
Environmental Information on the Internet – a tool for sustainable development?

Angela Billings, USA
Management of Environmental Product Information

Anjuman Rahman, Bangladesh
Biogas Energy - An Alternative Solutions for Sustainable Energy in Rural Areas in Bangladesh

Anna Lööv, Sweden
The General Rules of Consideration and Sustainable Development - a case study of the paint industry in Scania.

Ausra Maceviciute, Lithuania
The Influence of the Media on the Development of Publics Environmental Consciousness: Case study of Lithuanian Press

Barry Ness, USA
Closing Waste Loops: An Economic Comparison of MSW Treatment Systems in Sweden

Björn Beeler, USA
Opportunities and threats to local sustainable development: Introducing ecotourism to Venado Island, Costa Rica

Eric Markus, Finland
Environmentalism and Globalization - Forging a New Ethics

Erik Daugherty, USA
Biomass Energy Systems Efficiency: Analyzed Through a LCA Study

Fredrik Nilsson, Sweden 

Jean Francois Antoine, France
Advantages of Integrating Environmental Communication into Urban Marketing Strategies - consequent potential improvements on the city´s physical environment

Jessica Lyborg, Sweden
Towards Accessibility Planning by means of GIS - A case study on the access to potential job opportunities by three transport modes

Kelly Watson, USA
Deforestation, Coffee Cultivation and Land Degradation: The Challenge of Developing a Sustainable Land Management Strategy in Brazil´s Mata Atlântica Rainforest

Li-Ju Huang, Taiwan
Hardwoods in South Sweden - A potential for the future

Loreta Stankevicute, Lithuania
Energy Use and Energy Management in Tyre Manufacturing: the Trelleborg 1 Case

Maria Larsson, Sweden
Application of "Best Possible Technology" in Sweden with respect to Heating Systems in Buildings - a study initiated by the Environmental Unit at Skanska Teknik AB

Marisa Espinosa, Nicaragua
Policy and Institutional Aspects of Water Resources Management in Nicaragua - The case of Managua

Max Hansson, Sweden
Creativity by Means of Scarcity - A comparative study of Agenda 21 and the mobilisation of participation in two Swedish municipalities

Mirna Vlasic, Croatia
Towards Sustainable Transport in Europe; An Overview Policy Making Process in the European Union, Sweden and Croatia

Mozibul Haque, Bangladesh 

Nabila Zouhiri, Marocco
Labelling Agricultural Tyres at Trelleborg Company: Possibilities and Constrains

Narine Sargsyan, Armenia
Sustainable Development and Corporate Reporting: Stakeholder Approach

Philippe Charest, Canada
How Eco-Procurement Can Help Steer the Public Sector Towards Sustainable Solutions; An initial study of incontinence product procurement in the health sector

Pille Kängsepp, Estonia
Requirements for the Closure of Old Landfills - Towards Sustainable Landfilling in Estonia

Roberta Mokreys Paro, Brazil
Global Carbon Market & Forest Values - A new economic incentive to forest protection?

Salim Belyazid, Marocco
Achieving Sustainability in the Argane Forest, Morocco

Shao Liu, China
Water pricing towards Sustainability of Water Resources: A case study in Beijing

Stanley Worgu, Nigeria
Evaluating Increasing Population and Policy Strategies for Sustainable and Integrated Fresh Water Resource Management in Nigeria - A case study of the Niger river basin

Stephen Burke, Canada
Can FORECAST be used to predict the Sustainability of Norway Spruce Stands in Southern Sweden?

Sumartinah Tangerang, Indonesia  

Thor Aasö, Australia
Towards Sustainable Landuse within Acid Sulfate Soil Landscapes: A case study on the Maria river, New South Wales, Australia.

Toru Taguchi, Japan
Minimized Energy, Water and Transport Utilization in Urban areas: A case study of Musashino city, Tokyo Japan

Viktoria Dezsö, Hungary
Developing a Waste Management Plan: A case study of Hajdú-Bihar County in Hungary

Willem Bron, The Netherlands
Towards Sustainability on the Galápagos Islands; The implications of uncontrolled development

Yoke Chin Lai, Malaysia
Correlation of the Planning Process with Environmental Responsive and Healthy Buildings

Yujing Li, China
Greening of Local E-commerce; How to realise the Environmental Potential of Online Grocery Trade - A case study in the city of Lund

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