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Batch 4, 2000-2001

Bach 4, 2000-2001

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Anna Arakelyan, Armenia
The rote of environmental Non-profit NGOs in sustainable development In the countries of transition. With special reference To "Vardenis" YMCA project, Armenia

Ayaz Hasanov, Azerbaijan
Impact of the Integrated Product Policy on Trelleborg Wheel Systems

Evelin Urbel, Estonia
Freight Transport and the Environment. Environmental Impact of Increased Transportation due to Product Price Differences

Georgios Maheras, Greece
Forests fires in Greece. The analysis of the phenomenon affecting both natural and human environment. The role of sustainable development in controlling fire effects.

Honorie Demgne Tamfor, Cameroon
Sustainable Plan to Roll Back Malaria in Cameroon via Education, Use of Insecticides Impregnated Bednets and Environmental Sanitation

Ingmar Jürgens, Germany

Jonas Persson, Sweden
Approaching Sustainability through Stakeholder Involvement - The Case of the Golf Tournament Volvo Scandinavian Masters

Juozas Abaravicius, Lithuania
Bio-Fuel Based District Heating in Lithuania - Towards Sustainability

Katarzyna Sledzinska,
Poland An approach to sustainable management of scarce water resources in urban areas. A case study- the province of Katowice (Poland)

Kuang-Ling Hsiao, Taiwan
An Environmental Evaluation of Landfill Systems Case Study from Two Landfills in South Sweden

Lise Bjørg Pedersen, Denmark 

Luka Traven, Croatia
Investigating Dynamics of Soil Acidification: Application of the biogeochemical model SAFE to two sites in the Republic of Croatia

Micheal Houlihan, Ireland
Wind Energy in Ireland - An analysis of possibilities and constraints

Michael Pawlish, USA
Corporate sustainability: Competitive Advantage through Sustainability Reporting

Ming Ji, China
Driving towards a Cleaner Future – A Study of Transport Policies of Road Emissions Control in China

Mohammed Zakaria, Lebanon
Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant: Aspects on its operation, closure and decommissioning in relation to environmental and socio-economic conditions in Lithuania

Mustafa Kamal, Bangladesh
Cadmium in Swedish Agricultural Soils and Risk to Human Health -Sustainable Management Strategies to Minimize Cadmium in Soils and Crops

Pernille Risgaard Jørgensen, Denmark
The Opportunities & Constraints for a Sustainable Life with Wildlife -A Case Study of the People & Buffalo in Wami-Mbiki, Tanzania

Ransom Lekunze, Cameroon
Assessing stakeholder participation in Integrated Water Resource Management. The role of Youth in Community Water Management Projects in Cameroon

Rita Baltina, Latvia 

Shu Chun Choong, Malaysia
Sanitary Landfills: Toward Sustainable Development - Case Study of Malaysia

Signe Munch, Denmark 

Trudy Folwell, UK 

Ulrika Bjurkell, Sweden
WHEN'S DINNER READY? - An Evaluation of Community Gardening and its Contribution to A Sustainable Food System

Yorgos Voukas, Greece
Personal Transportation in Athens.

Zhiming Zhao, China
Energy Efficient Building Towards Sustainable Energy Use in China

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