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Batch 5, 2001-2002


Alberto Pacheco, Venezuela
Sustainable finance: An assessment of environmental risks and opportunities in Latin America

Anneli Gille, Sweden
City Development Strategies in the City of Kampala An analysis of participatory development in practise

Anton Shkaruba, Belarus
Relevance of Physical Environment to Urban Development. Natural Landscapes in Dynamics and Structure of City Space

Clive Benhura, Zimbabwe
Potential contribution of empirical research towards integrated landuse planning to mitigate deforestation in Zimbabwe's land reform process

Daniel Ayala, USA
Created Wetlands - Sustainable Landscapes. Created Wetlands in Denmark and Skåne: An analysis of Impacts on Nutrient Retention and Biodiversity

Diego Brenes Arrieta, Costa Rica
Private Sector Participation in the Water Industry - Who benefits and who loses?

Elizabeth Devlin, Ireland
Factors affecting public acceptance of wind turbines in Sweden

Elmar Nurmemmedov, Azerbaijan
Bio-Entrepreneurial partnership - A tool for biotechnology transfer A Systems of Innovation Approach

Emily Brott, USA
Strengthening a Mexican Environmental Grassroots Group. Action-Oriented Research for the Asociación Regional Ambiental Sonora-Arizona (A.R.A.S.A.)

Ernest Okrah, UK
The Growth of Wood Carving Industry in Ghana and its threat to selected tree species

Gregor Sieboeck, Austria
A Political, Legal and Economic Framework for Sustainable Forest Management in Cameroon. Concerted Initiatives to Save the Rainforest

Hipolito Custudio, Philippines
Balancing the nutritional benefits of fish consumption against methylmercury toxicity, and evaluating the impact of genetic polymorphisms in glutathione S-transpferases on susceptibility to methylmercury in a Swedish population

Hugo Lopez Meneses, Bolivia
Could locoto be an alternative product to substitute coca growing? A Case study of Chapare-Cochabamba-Bolivia

Indike Amuwitagama, Sri Lanka
Analysis of pest management methods used for Rice stem borer (Scirpophaga incertulas) in Sri Lanka based on the concept of Sustainable Development

Ioulia Vassilieva, Russia
Industrial Environmental Law of Kaliningrad Region, Russia; Comparison with Sweden and Denmark and Ways of Improvement

Jakob Lagerstedt, Sweden
Climate change and the media: are newspapers suitable for conveying the risk

Karen Hovhannisyan, Armenia
Sustainable Development and Energy Security in Armenia: a Step Towards Dilemma

Katri Suomi, Finland
VOICES NOT VOTES - Major Group Participation at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002

Kristín Árnadóttir, Iceland
Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment process. Analysis of two case studies from the energy sector in Iceland

Mari Takagi, Japan
Path to a Sustainable Development in GEO: Environmental Assessment and its implication on Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis

Mariana Butrón, Bolivia
Kitchens, Women and Perception. From the inside, looking out. A study of kitchens in rural areas of Cochabamba, Bolivia

Micah Sherman, USA
The Role of Environmental Scarcity in Nepal´s Maoist Insurgency

Michael Ward, South Africa
Sustaining Development Initiatives: A study of the SADC Regional Environmental Education Programme

Mikheil Khuchua, Georgia
Potentials of Introduction of Car Sharing Principles into the Transport Sector of Tbilisi as Important Aspect Towards Sustainable Transportation in the Capital of Georgia

Nilay Ayguney, Turkey
Burdens of 'Development' in Southeastern Turkey: Salinization and Sociocultural Disruption

Pau Bosch, Spain
Benefits and Opportunities of increasing the Building Potential of Brownfields in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona

Peter Edwards, Canada
Wake-Up Call: The Environmental and Human Health Implications of Bio transported PCBs in the Sub-artic of North America

Raquel Trejo Aguilar, Mexico
Organic Food System: A comparative analysis between Sicily and Sweden food System

Sofia Gulstad, Sweden
How Multinational Corporation Can Promote Sustainability with CSR and SHE in Purchasing - The Case of AstraZeneca R&D, Lund in Sweden

Terrell Harrison, USA
The human health cost of Development: A case study of the interaction between global warming, ground-level ozone, human health and regional development in Skåne, Sweden

Yan Yin Ho, Singapore
Recycling as a Sustainable Waste Management Strategy for Singapore: An Investigation to Find Ways to Promote Singaporean's Houshold Waste Recycling Behaviour

Yu Nam Chan, China
Livestock and Rangeland Management in Shangri-La Gorge, Shangri-La County, Northwest Yunnan, China

Sylvester Tapong, Cameroon
Environmentally based treatment of solid waste in urban and semi urban areas in Cameroon

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