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Batch 6, 2002-2003

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Antwi Amoah, Ghana
Proliferation of Surface Mining in Ghana: A Threat or a Blessing to the Poor in the Mining areas? A Case Study of Tarkwa Mining Area

Avi Blau, Israel
Why what works – Doesn’t; Barriers to adoption of profitable environmental technologies by municipalities, and policy solutions to overcome them

Bridget Ringdahl, South Africa
A Political Ecological Analysis of the Pilanesberg National Park and the Lebatlane Tribal Reserve, South Africa

Carrie Dean, USA
Abstract Only - Sustainable Packaging: Replacing Polyethylene with Biopolymers for Tetra Pak non-aseptic cartons in Sweden.

Catherine Loriot, Canada
Implementing environmentally conscious product development in the Canadian industries: an industrial design systemic perspective

Cheryl Prindiville, USA
An Analysis of Industrialized Agriculture from the Local Perspective: Possibilities and Constraints to Sustainable Farming in Grundy County, Illinois

Florencia Farias, Argentina
Land cover change in a rural area of the forest-steppe ecotone of Andean Patagonia, Argentina: Utilizing Landsat data for the detection and analyzing the change

Fuchun Hao, China
The Three Gorges Project: A Dilemma of Energy Security and Sustainable Development in China

Hareesh Joshi, India

Harry Pellish, USA
Agricultural Change: A Grass-Roots Case Study (Kenya)

Ii Rosna Tarmidji, Indonesia

Ilka Baert, Belgium
Abstract Only - The Corporate Social Responsibility of IKEA; Challenges with the Implementation of the IKEA Code of Conduct (IWAY), At its First Tier Suppliers in North China

Isabel Ramos, Portugal
How can Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) Promote Sustainable Development?

Jason Erwin, USA
Realizing Malmö’s Neighborhood Functionality and Social Capital Potential; The Impacts of High-Speed Transport Infrastructure on Rosengård and Fosie

Jurijs Kondratenko, Latvia
How Can Systems Thinking Be Used to Support Rural Development Decisions in Latvia

Kai Kuhnhenn, Germany
Environmental and socio-economic Impact of improved Stoves - The Case of the Tsotso Stove in Northern Namibia

Krista Lillemets, Estonia
Exploring participation: Waste management cases in two favelas of Rio de Janeiro

Kristina Collin, Sweden
Emission trading and aviation

Lilian Abeh, Cameroon
Combating food insecurity in Northern Cameroon - Challenges and opportunities

Maida Micheletti, Italy

Mari Morishita, Japan

Moira Achinelli, Argentina
Poverty, coffee cultivation and deforestation in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest: Achieving a sustainable livelihood through education and public participation

Myrna Salazar, Mexico
Mexico’s Electricity Reforms: Effects of Private Electricity Generation and Their Role to Enhance a Sustainable Electricity Industry

Nathaly Hanke, Australia
The Challenge of National Park Management - A comparison of Management Plans of the Blue Mountains and Banff National Parks in accordance with Ecological Sustainable Development

Nicodemus Mandere, Kenya
Towards Sustainable agriculture: Sugar beet production in Kenya as a viable solution to the current sugar deficit; An analysis of possibilities and challenges

Nino Malashkhia, Georgia
Social and Environmental constraints to the Irrigation Water Conservation Measures in Egypt

Olga Fadeeva, Ukraine
Exploring opportunities of implementation of White Certificates in Sweden

Patrick Balla, Kenya
Abstract Only - Development of community electrification in Kenya: A case of Small-Scale Hydropower for rural energy.

Ping Yu, China
Global Thinking, Local Action; A Case Study of the Green School Programme in China

Rhea Navarro, Philippines
A Systems Approach on Solid Waste Management in Metro Manila, Philippines

Spencer Brown, Canada
Car sharing networks -Role of car sharing in transportation Sustainability

Stefan Sjöström, Sweden
Forestry Certification: Why it is not leading to sustainable forest management

Stefán Einarsson, Iceland
Increasing competitiveness of the Icelandic fish processing industry; Addressing environmental and economic concerns through the promotion of preventative environmental strategies

Subhash Parkipandla, India

Tobias Schmitt, Germany
Emotional bonds with nature as determinant of environmental awareness; The missing link for saving our environment?

Vladimir Postrk, Slovakia
THE LIVESTOCK REVOLUTION - Dietary Transition: Global Rise in Consumption of Animal Food Products

Yan Borné, China
The Environmental Impacts of the Olympic Games— Looking Forward to the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing, China

Yumiko Tahara, Japan
Going Local or Ecological? - Comparative Research in Environmental Supply Chain Management (ESCM) Focusing on HSE and CSR in Sweden and in Japan

Yu-Min Tu, Taiwan

He Who Helps Others Becomes Helpless: The Paradox between Organisational Values and Workforce Sustainability in the UK Third Sector

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