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Batch 7, 2003-2004

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Akgün Ilhan, Turkey

Alistair Blackmore, United Kingdom
On Measuring the Environmental Performance of the Service Sector - A Case Study of A Service Sector Organisation in Cambridge, UK

Ana Luz Romero Salcedo, Mexico
The contribution of the Mexican environmental policies to the efficient solution of the problem of air pollution

Ani Shamyan, Armenia 

Anvar Buzurukov, Tadjikistan

Athanasia "Nancy" Drakopoulou, Greece
Tourism Certification and Community-based Ecotourism as Tools for Promoting Sustainability in the Greek Tourism Sector - the example of Zagori

Björn Wickenberg, Sweden
Translation of Sustainability into Public Procurement Practices in Swedish Municipalities

Catherine "Katie" Nasser, USA
The Road towards Sustainable Transportation in the USA: Exploring the feasibility to enhance non-motorized modes in the case of Scranton, Pennsylvania

Ching-Wen Lu, Taiwan
Exploring Determinant Factors for An Extended Producer Responsibility Program in Taiwan A Case Study of IT Products

David Ramos, Spain 

Dietmar "Didi" Überbacher, Italy
Looking at the Success of Certification Schemes for Energy Use in Residential Housing The Case of the Klimahaus / Casa Clima Program in South Tyrol / Italy

Dietrich Hauge, USA
Environmentally Attributable Cancers in Washington State, US: Applying Economic Cost Estimates and the Precautionary Principle

Duygu Kesten,Turkey
Evaluating and Enhancing Transparency and Reporting Performance of the Telecommunications Service Sector in the ICT Industry drawing on the Concept of Responsible Corporate Governance

Edward Anomanyo, Ghana
Integration of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Accra (Ghana): Bioreactor Treatment Technology as an Integral Part of the Management Process

Edward "Sosu" Sosu, Ghana
Farmers’ Knowledge and Perception towards a Sustainable Adoption of Sugar Beet in Kenya

Elena von Sperber, Germany
Greening the Blue Box An Analysis of IKEA’s Approaches to Sustainable Building of Stores - Two Cases in Switzerland and Germany

Elin Weyler, Sweden
Regional Development in the East Nile River Basin - Exploring the concept of Virtual Water Trade

Elva Jonsdottir, Iceland
The City of Midnight Sun and Motorized Vehicles Sustainable Transport in Reykjavík, a City of Urban Sprawl and Immense Private Car Ownership, where Hydrogen Promises to Solve the Problem of Pollution

Enriqueta Ramirez, El Salvador
Domestic Ecotourism Opportunities in Barra de Santiago Estuary, El Salvador

Eric Kanyoke, Ghana
POLLUTANT EMISSIONS MEASURED Rising Transport Pollution in the Accra –Tema Metropolitan Area, Ghana

Francis Gbedemah, Ghana
Environmental Manangement System (ISO 14001) Certification in Manufacturing Companies in Ghana: Prospects and Challenges

Franziska Heidenreich, Germany
Transboundary Environmental Cooperation in the Western Balkans – A Bridge over National and Ethnic Borders? Environmental Peacemaking in Practice

Hanwen Cai, China
Toward Sustainable Housing: A comparative study of examples in China and Sweden

Hsin Chiang "Lucas" Hsu, Taiwan
Institutional Bargaining for the Climate Regime The Process and Its Dynamics

Ieva Usca, Latvia
Pastoral Land Management, Local Institutions and Environmental Changes, a Case Study from Central Mongolia

Iris Gust, Germany
Strategies to promote sustainable consumer behaviour – The use of the lifestyle approach

Jacob Kurian, India 

Jean Niyongabo, Burundi
Where Sustainable Agriculture means Agricultural Productivity? The case study of Gikongoro in Southwestern Rwanda

Jitka Anderson, Czech Republic
Reducing environmental impacts of freight transport sector: The case of the Czech Republic

John Herter, USA
As Thailand Industrializes, How Can Formalized Water Rights Protect the Interests of the Small Farmers in the Bang Pakong River Basin?

Jonathan Mull, USA
Approaches toward Sustainable Urban Solid Waste Management: Sahakaranagar Layout

Julija Jeganova, Latvia
Product Life Cycle Design: Integrating Environmental Aspects into Product Design and Development Process at Alfa Laval

Kien Chun "Tan" Tan, Malaysia
STOP EATING EGGS? What children on two islands in Malaysia think about sea turtles as an endangered species

Kohei Sasaki, Japan
Examining the Waste from Electr ical and Electronic Equipment Management Systems in Japan and Sweden

Krishna Karkee, Nepal
Effects of Deforestation on Tree Diversity and Livelihoods of Local Community: A Case Study from Nepal

Kum-Lin "Joyce" Soo, Singapore
Sustainability of Intensive Shrimp Farming: A Case Study in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

Luke Evenbom, USA
A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss” A Case Study of the Wind Power Application Process in Sweden

Maria Iaitskaia, Russia

Michiko Amano, Japan
PET Bottle System in Sweden and Japan: an Integrated Analysis from a Life- Cycle Perspective

Mihaela Ostafe, Romania

Miriam "Mimi" Tresman, Israel
Environmental Change Social Vulnerability and Conflict

Nathapong Pormosopon, Thailand 

Oana Sofroniciu, Romania 
Changing Transport Behaviours in South-Western Skåne: a Challenge for Sustainability

Panagiotis "Takis" Christopoulos, Greece
Waste treatment in Greece after the passage of EU Landfill Directive. Landfill Bioreactor Cell treatment as sustainable solution

Sayaka Maeda, Japan
Environmental Pressure, Conflicy and Conflict Resolution Case of the Euphrates River Basin and the implications for International Relations (not available online)

Sigurdur "Siggi" Fridlefisson, Iceland
The feasibility of a transition to a hydrogen economy in Iceland – an overview

Tatiana Draganinska, Bulgaria
Energy Efficiency in the Bulgarian Residential Sector. Technical, Legislative, and Socio-Economic Issues

Tatiana Romero, Bolivia
Communicating Responsible Business Practices Case Study: Atlas Copco AB

Wale Aboyade, Nigeria
The Potential for Climate Change Mitigation in the Nigerian Solid Waste Disposal Sector: A Case Study from Lagos

Xiaozi Liu, China
Investigating the Interactions of Economic Growth and Environmental Quality in Shenzhen, China’s First Special Economic Zone

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