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There is one intake per year to the LUMES Programme.

Admission to LUMES 2019-2021 is now open! 


The last day to complete your online application on University Admissions in Sweden's webpage is January 15, 2019 (midnight CET). After you have submitted your electronic application, you must complete your application with various documents (see below) and your application fee, if required. The deadline for completing your application with these items is February 1, 2019. 

The information is arranged on this website in the following order:

Breanäs 2015

If you want to apply to LUMES, you must:

  • Perform an Online Application here.
    between October 16, 2018 and January 15, 2019.
    LUMES is called Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science (SAESS)
    Code: LU-18410
  • Send the documentation supporting your online application as stipulated by
    University Admissions in Sweden

  • In addition to the general documentation stipulated by University Admissions
    you must also submit

       1. LUMES Applicant Summary
       2. LUMES Statement of Purpose
       3. Resumé/CV
       4. Two (2) letters of Recommendation

Note that there are two ways to submit your documents to University Admissions – you can upload them on, or send them in via regular post or courier. Some documents can always be uploaded, while others – especially academic qualifications from some countries (see country specific information) and your recommendation letters – must be send via regular mail or courier. Please see University Admissions for information on how to submit your documents. The LUMES Applicant Summary (1), the LUMES Statement of Purpose (2) and the resumé/CV (3) can be uploaded on your page on whilst the two Letters of Recommendation (4) must be mailed or sent by courier (in sealed envelopes) to the address listed here. Recommendation letters uploaded to the webpage is not considered.


Important Dates

  • Admission application deadline*: January 15, 2019 (at midnight CET)
  • Deadline for receipt of ALL supporting documents and documentation of fee exempt status (if required)*: February 1, 2019
  • Deadline for receipt of application fee if you're required to pay the fee: February 1*, 2019
  • Notification of Selection Results: April 4, 2019
  • Start of LUMES batch 23: Wednesday, August 28, 2019

*Strict deadlines: If you have missed the deadline your application will not be considered and there is nothing we can do. Please take into consideration that it may take several days or even weeks for documents sent by regular mail to reach University Admissions in Sweden. Please take into consideration that it may take time for your bank to process an international payment. Any payments recieved after the deadline will result in your applicaiton status being changed to late. Late applications are only processed at the discreation of each university, if there are places available. See University Admissions in Sweden's webpage for information on who need to pay applicaiton fee and how to make the payment. If your documents or applicaiton fee arrive late we can do nothing and your application will not be considered. Unless it is stipulated that you have to submit your documents in paper format, see 'Special instructions for my country of study' we strongly recommend you to submit all documents excempt for the recommendation letters electronically.


örtofta study visit 2016

Requirements for Admission to LUMES

Find all requirements for admittance to LUMES here.

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is "I have a BA degree in X, am I eligible?" The answer is that LUMES is a transdisciplinary programme and we strive to have an as diverse group of students as possible, therefore we admit students from all academic backgrounds. Hence, all majors are relevant. We are convinced that sustainability requires all kinds of fields and disciplines and a better communication between them.

If you do not have your degree when you apply to the programme, you can get conditionally accepted provided you will graduate before the programme starts. Note however that you need to submit an official document from your current university stating that you are likely to be awarded your bachelor’s degree by the start of the Swedish programme. For further information (and a form which you can use to get certification from your current university), please see Students in their final year of bachelor’s studies.


Another frequently asked question that we get is if we can "pre-screen applications". The answer is no, we only look at applications after they have passed through University Admissions in Sweden. To "pass through" University Admissions in Sweden your application must fulfill the general entry requirements for masters studies in Sweden (having a BA/BSc degree) and have paid the application fee (if applicable). Hence it is super important that you follow the instruction and make sure to submit the correct documentation in the correct way and pay the application fee on time. If you have a question about how to submit your documents to prove that you meet the general entry requirements you should first hand try to find an answer on University Admissions in Swedens webpage or contact them directly. See the Admissions support webpage. Please note that University Admissions in Sweden receive a lot of questions so please give them some time to respond. Please note that the deadline for all supporting document (incl. the LUMES specific documents) is February 1, 2019. Documents received after this will not be considered*.


*Under special circumstances we can consider recommendation letters arriving late if we have not yet made a decision on the application. For all other documents the deadline cannot be extended.

Additional Supporting Documents required by LUMES

In addition to the documentation stipulated by University Admissions we also require you to submit the following documents

Please note that you must attach your cover sheet* to your additional supporting documents each time you mail them to University Admission in Sweden. You can find the cover sheet when you log in to 'My pages' on, under 'Application'. Place the cover sheet as the first document. You do not need to attach a cover sheet to your documents if you upload them to your profile on *IMPORTANT notice: For documents from some countries you should not attach a cover sheet, please see the country specific information on University Admissions webpage. If you cannot find a cover sheet on your page on, please take an empty paper and write your name, personnummer (if you have one), your application number, LU-18410, and MASTERHT19 on it.

LUMES Applicant Summary

The LUMES Applicant Summary must be filled in completely and signed. If you fill out the whole form by hand, please write neatly using block letters.

Applicant Summary form 2019-2021

LUMES Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose Form must be filled in completely and must be signed by you personally.

The questions we want your personal, truthful, and succinct answers to are the following:

  • Which two sustainability challenges intrigue you; do you see them as interrelated (and if so how); and how would you like to approach them (theoretically, methodologically, empirically and/or based on your own experiences)?
  • What in the LUMES curriculum has sparked your interest in particular and why?
  • How do you expect to benefit from the LUMES programme and in your future plans after completion of LUMES?

Responses should be between 100 and 180 words and fit within the allotted space given on the form. Please note that an application without answers to all the 3 questions will not be considered.

Statement of Purpose form 2019-2021

Résumé / Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The information given in your CV is also an important part of the overall assessment of your application to LUMES.

Your CV must include the following:

  • Your academic degrees, including the GPA, or any other classification of your degree (if available).
  • If applicable:
    -  Relevant extra-curricular activities you have been engaged in during your university studies with a brief description of activities related to Environment and Sustainability
    -  Internships
    -  Relevant Employment experience
    -  Awards you have received

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation from two persons (your referees) must also be submitted. Referees can be past and present employers, teachers and instructors, and other persons who know you in an academic/professional capacity and can judge your overall competencies to participate in the programme.

At least one of the referees should be one of your university teachers and instructors, or someone who is equally able to assess your academic achievements and potentials. The referees must be available for contact at a later date.

Your referees should be encouraged to use one of the following forms:

The forms are self-explanatory and can be filled in directly before being printed.

Referees preferring to write a Letter of Recommendation without using the form, can follow the relevant instructions below:

If a referee prefers to write the Letter of Recommendation without using the form, it should be written on a paper with a proper letter head from the institution/company and should be stamped with the official stamp of the institution/company. Note that a Letter of Recommendation written on plain paper and without a stamp can normally not be considered.

IMPORTANT: Recommendation letters for LUMES should not be uploaded to The letter of recommendation should preferably be mailed by the respective referees directly to University Admissions in Sweden (see address below). Please note that you have to make sure you have given your referee a copy of your cover sheet (you can find the cover sheet when you log in to 'My pages' on, under 'Application'. The cover sheet should be placed as the first document), so he/she can attach it to your reference letter (if the cover sheet is missing the letter may not be connected to your application). If for some reason a referee does not agree to mail the letter directly to University Admissions in Sweden, the applicant can mail the letter to University Admissions in Sweden provided the referee has put the recommendation letter in a sealed envelope and written his/her signature across the seal.

Regular post: University Admissions in Sweden, R 312, SE-106 53 Stockholm, Sweden
Delivery Service (FedEx, DHL etc.): PostNord Strålfors Scanning, Västberga Allé 36D 5tr, SE-126 30 Hägersten, Sweden (do not use this address for regular post).


water course 2014

Financial Requirements

Tuition Fee and Application Fee

In August 2011 Swedish universities, including Lund University,  introduced tuition fees and application fees for students from outside of the EU/EEA (and Switzerland).

Students required to pay tuition and application fees:

Students who are citizens of countries outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are generally required to pay application and tuition fees. There are some exceptions to this general rule, please see Lund University website.

How much are the fees?

The tuition for the LUMES programme is 125,000 SEK per year.

The application fee at for students required to pay tuition fee is SEK 900.

Details on tuition and application fees can be found at
Lund University

Living Expenses

Although prices in Sweden are fairly high, the typical student can manage the day-to-day living on approximately
SEK 8-9000 / month. Students requiring a residence permit must, by law, demonstrate that they have funds of at least SEK 8,190 per month of study.

You are allowed to work on your student residence permit. But keep in mind that it is hard to a find a part-time job and that LUMES is a full time master’s programme. Meaning that if you do find a job it might be difficult for you to combine it with your studies.

More information on money and living costs can be found at
Lund University

Residence permit requirements for Studying in Sweden

In general, all students from countries outside of the EU/EEA need to have a residence permit to study in Sweden if they are planning on staying for more than three months. Students should not apply for a visa (which is genereally only for shorter visits in the country), but for a residence permit for studies.

You need to apply for and recieve your permit before you travel to Sweden. The permit must be valid and you need to bring it with you when you travel to Sweden.

Your admission results/notification of results or letter of acceptance is necessary in order to start the application process and for the Swedish Migration Agency to complete it. You are adviced to apply as soon as you recieve your letter of acceptance and paid the first tuition fee instalment.

You apply online at the Swedish Migration Agency website. After you have applied, you will also need to visit a Swedish embassy or consulate in your home country for your biometric data (photos and fingerprints). Applications for residence permit are processed by the Swedish Migration Agency, NOT the University. The residence permit application is your responsibility.

Read more about residence permits on the Swedish Migration Agency website and Lund University website.

Citizens from the European Union can apply for a residence permit after having arrived in Sweden. All other nationalities must have a valid residence permit before coming to LUMES.

Scholarship Information

LUMES or Lund University cannot support your stay financially. However there are a limited number of scholarships for master’s students in Sweden.

Lund University Global Scholarship

The Lund Global Scholarship programme is targeted at top academic students who are citizens of countries from outside the European Union/European Economic Area (and Switzerland). The scholarship is selective and completely merit based. Scholarship may cover 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the tuition fee. The Lund University Global Scholarship does not cover living costs.

When and how to apply: To apply for a Lund University Global Scholarship, you must first apply to LUMES, using the online, national website,, during the application period. Once you have made a complete application and paid the application fee, you will receive information about how to apply for the scholarship. For autumn 2019 studies, this will be communicated to applicants after the application period is over, i.e. in early February.

As part of this online application, you need to upload your scholarship 'motivation letter'. Please note that the scholarship 'motivation letter' is different from the Statement of Purpose that you are asked to submit as part of your application to LUMES. You scholarship personal 'motivation letter' should explain why your academic performance and reasons for applying to Lund University make you an appropriate recipient for a Lund University Global Scholarship.

The selection process for scholarships is undertaken in parallel with the programme selection process. Priority is given to students with high academic performance, who are assessed as a good fit for LUMES and who demonstrate a strong commitment and desire to study at Lund University.

As the scholarship is merit based only, no consideration is taken of the students' financial needs in the selection process.

See Lund University Global Scholarship for more information.

Other scholarship opportunties

In addition to the scholarships offered by Lund University there may be external scholarship opportunities. See Lund University website for a list of some examples of scholarship organisations around the world that may be able to help finance your studies. Note that these scholarships are not managed by Lund University. Please contact the specific organisations directly if you have questions about the scholarships.


Health course study visit to Malmö October 2016

LUMES students (from batch 19) on study visit to Malmö, October 2016.



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