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LUMES Batch 23, 2019-2021

Alicia Gowan. Photo
Alicia Gowan, Canada
Annina Guthauser. Foto
Annina Guthauser, Switzerland
Citra Endah Nur Setyawati. Photo
Citra Endah Nur Setyawati, Indonesia
Gyeong Jeong Min. Photo
Gyeong Jeong Min, Republic of Korea
Isabell Carlsson. Photo
Isabell Carlsson, Sweden
Josephine Ottesen. Photo
Josephine Ottesen, Denmark
Lena Stern. Photo
Lena Stern, Austria
Markus Ebel. Photo
Markus Ebel, Germany / Sweden
Monica Sturza. Photo
Monica Sturza, Romania / Hungary
Paula Marie Heusgen. Photo
Paula Marie Heusgen, Germany
Run Tang. Photo
Run Tang, China
Silvia Mugnaini. Photo
Silvia Mugnaini, Italy
Suzanne Oostdam. Photo
Suzanne Oostdam, The Netherlands
Upasana Sen. Photo
Upasana Sen, India
Ying Jin. Photo
Ying Jin, China
Amanda Schockling. Foto
Amanda Schockling, USA
Cara Siepenkor. Photo
Cara Siepenkort, Germany
Clara Saglietti. Photo
Clara Saglietti, Italy
Ida Britta Petrelius. Photo
Ida Britta Petrelius, Sweden
Jakub Masri. Photo
Jakub Masri, Czech Republic
Juan Antonio Samper. Photo
Juan Antonio Samper, Colombia
Maria Daniela Gonzalez. Photo
Maria Daniela Gonzalez, Colombia
Martina Louise Friis Ravn. Photo
Martina Louise Friis Ravn, Denmark
Olivera Stojilovic. Photo
Olivera Stojilovic, Serbia
Pierre Orts. Photo
Pierre Orts, Belgium
Ruta Lukosiunaite. Photo
Ruta Lukosiunaite, Lithuania
Simona Jastremskaite. Photo
Simona Jastremskaite, Lithuania
Tara Nair Van Ryneveld. Photo
Tara Nair Van Ryneveld, South Africa
Utku Kuran. Photo
Utku Kuran, Turkey
Anna Schellenberg. Foto
Anna Schellenberg, Germany / Russia
Cina Tanzarella. Photo
Cina Tanzarella, Italy
Emma Mills Suzuki. Photo
Emma Mills Suzuki, Japan / UK
Ina Nyrup Clausen. Photo
Ina Nyrup Clausen, Denmark
Jenny Bergenheim. Photo
Jenny Bergenheim, Sweden
Laura Heiduk. Photo
Laura Heiduk, Germany
Maris Pedaja. Photo
Maris Pedaja, Estonia
Mia Bonnevier Ydholm. Photo
Mia Bonnevier Ydholm, Sweden
Paula Karolina Kuss. Photo
Paula Karolina Kuss, Germany
Robin Denz. Photo
Robin Denz, France / Germany
Sarah Bretschko. Photo
Sarah Bretschko, Austria
Sofie Errendal. Photo
Sofie Errendal, Denmark
Þórey Ólof Þorgilsdóttir. Photo
Þórey Ólof Þorgilsdóttir, Iceland
Vicente Gonzalez. Photo
Vicente Gonzalez, Chile