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LUMES Batch 24, 2020-2022

Adriana Fernandes Martins. Photo
Adriana Fernandes Martins, Portugal
Amber Golding. Photo
Amber Golding, UK
Annika Drube. Photo
Annika Drube, Germany
Ben Hales. Photo
Ben Hales, UK
Charlotte Limbach. Photo
Charlotte Limbach, Germany
Ed Hardy. Photo
Ed Hardy, UK
Elsa Pakkasvirta. Photo
Elsa Pakkasvirta, Finland
Evelina Danielsson Valladares. Photo
Evelina Danielsson Valladares, Sweden
Francesca Fitzgerald. Photo
Francesca Fitzgerald, UK
Gabrielle Artus. Photo
Gabrielle Artus, France
Jasmin Reinhard. Photo
Jasmin Reinhard, Germany
Empty box. White space
Jeppe Poulsen, Denmark
Julian Mundszinger. Photo
Julian Mundszinger, Germany
Katrine Beck Hansen. Photo
Katrine Beck Hansen, Denmark
Larissa Lachmann. Photo
Larissa Lachmann, Germany
Louise Bonnevier. Photo
Louise Bonnevier, Sweden
Luise Hülsmann. Photo
Luise Hülsmann, Germany
Mar Triginer Mitjavila. Photo
Mar Triginer Mitjavila, Spain
Maricruz Bravo Gallegos. Photo
Maricruz Bravo Gallegos, Costa Rica
Max Halbwachs. Photo
Max Halbwachs, Germany
Niamh Mulville. Photo
Niamh Mulville, Ireland
Philipp Montenegro. Photo
Philipp Montenegro, Germany
Ronniya Varghese. Photo
Ronniya Varghese, India
Siri Vlasic. Photo
Siri Vlasic, Sweden / USA
Theresa Meyer. Photo
Theresa Meyer, Germany
Viveka Vainio. Photo
Viveka Vainio, Finland
Alejandra Revilla Cejudo. Photo
Alejandra Revilla Cejudo, Mexico / Spain
Angelica Olsson. Photo
Angelica Olsson, Sweden
Barbara Ekelund. Photo
Barbara Ekelund, Germany
Catalina Scheer. Photo
Catalina Scheer, Germany
Clémentine Lucas de Peslouan. Photo
Clémentine Lucas de Peslouan, France
Ellen Andersson. Photo
Ellen Andersson, Sweden
Emilie Østmo. Photo
Emilie Østmo, Norway
Florence Kunert. Photo
Florence Kunert, Germany
Frida Malin Mundbjerg. Photo
Frida Malin Mundbjerg, Denmark
Giulia Spagnolo Caruso. Photo
Giulia Spagnolo Caruso, Italy
Jasmin Machatschek. Photo
Jasmine Machatschek, Austria
Johanna Grosche. Photo
Johanna Grosche, Germany
Juliane Miller. Photo
Juliane Miller, European
Konstantinos Pantazis. Photo
Konstantinos Pantazis, Greece
Lea Myllykallio. Photo
Lea Myllykallio, France
Lucas Wotzka. Photo
Lucas Wotzka, Germany
Lydia Soilemezi. Photo
Lydia Soilemezi, Greece
Mara Nika Ladika. Photo
Mara Nika Ladika, Croatia
Marie Bredkjær Thomsen. Photo
Marie Bredkjær Thomsen, Denmark
Michael Randall. Photo
Michael Randall, Sweden
Niklas Bruns. Photo
Niklas Bruns, Germany
Ragnhild Kirkhus. Photo
Ragnhild Kirkhus, Norway
Ross McDonald. Photo
Ross McDonald, Australia / UK
Sophia Roller. Photo
Sophia Roller, Germany
Theresa Odinamba. Photo
Marie Theresa Jürgensen, Denmark
Wanyi Ji. Photo
Wanyi Ji, China
Alexandra Gerer. Photo
Alexandra Gerer, Germany
Anna Frede. Photo
Anna Frede, Germany
Beatrice Klein. Photo
Beatrice Klein, Sweden
Chaprece Henry. Photo
Chaprece Henry, USA
David Amado-Blanco Gonzalez. Photo
David Amado-Blanco Gonzalez, Spain
Ellis Haarsma. Photo
Ellis Haarsma, The Netherlands
Eva Yanjun Steiger. Photo
Eva Yanjun Steiger, Germany
Florina Cianga-Christopersen. Photo
Florina Cianga-Christopersen, Denmark
Friederike Küchler. Photo
Friederike Küchler, Germany
Greta Simonaviciute. Photo
Greta Simonaviciute, Lithuania
Jennifer Gabell. Photo
Jennifer Gabell, Sweden
Johanna Lindell. Photo
Johanna Lindell, Sweden
White box. Picture with no content
Kamila Gielnik, Poland
Kristborg Sóley Þráinsdóttir. Photo
Kristborg Sóley Þráinsdóttir, Iceland
Lena Riechert Evald. Photo
Lena Riechert Evald, Denmark
Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson. Photo
Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson, Sweden
Lydia von Gertten. Photo
Lydia von Gertten, Sweden
Maria Pascual Sánchez. Photo
Maria Pascual Sánchez, Spain
Matthieu Thomas. Photo
Matthieu Thomas, France
Michael Reck. Photo
Michael Reck, Germany
Ophelie Phillips. Photo
Ophelie "Feifei" Phillips, France / UK
Reece Jager. Photo
Reece Jager, Australia
Sarah Dilbat. Photo
Sarah Dilbat, Germany
Steph Dowlen. Photo
Steph Dowlen, UK
Empty picture. White space
Tiziana Marie Mutschler, Germany