Newly admitted students


Please note: This page will be updated in April for students starting in August 2021

The information below was for students that started in August 2020. 

Congratulations on being admitted to LUMES and welcome to Lund University and the LUMES programme. On this page we have gathered important information that will be useful for you when you are preparing for your studies.

Accept your admission

If you have just received admission in your "Notification of Results" via your account, you must actively reply to the admission offer directly to Lund University by the specified deadline and according to the instructions provided by Lund University in your Notification of Selection Results. If you do not actively accept your admission offer to Lund University by the deadline, you lose your place of study. Watch this short film on how to accept your offer.

If you do not intend to start LUMES this autumn we appreciate if you decline the offer either directly on or by emailing our student coordinator Amanda Elgh (amanda [dot] elgh [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se). Note that not declining is not the same as accepting, to keep your place in the programme you must actively reply to the admission offer directly to Lund University (see above).

Conditionally admitted

If you have been conditionally admitted while still finalizing your Bachelor’s degree, official documents of your completed undergraduate degree must be submitted to University Admissions in Sweden as soon as you receive them and before the start of the programme. In most cases, you can either upload the original documents to your account or send certified copies via regular post or courier to University Admissions in Sweden. Remember to follow the document certification rules and any country-specific instructions when submitting your documents. It is important that you also bring your original documents to Lund, in case of any questions regarding your documents. Please notify us (by emailing amanda [dot] elgh [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se) when you have submitted your documents. Please do not worry if your “status” on University Admissions in Sweden does not change from conditionally admitted even though you have submitted all the required documents. When you let us know that you have submitted the correct documentation we will ask the admissions office to look at your documents and if everything is in order you will be registered to the programme when the semester starts. If there is anything missing, we will let you know.

Activating your student account and payment of tuition fee

Within a few days you will (if you have not already) receive an email from Lund University with information on how to activate your student account and how to access the Student Portal.

Visit the Lund University webpage for further details

If you are required to pay tuition fees you will receive your tuition fee invoice in the Student Portal in April. Payment is due by May 20, but you are urged to pay as early as possible in order to make your residence permit application on time.

Go to the Lund University webpage for further details

Scholarship applicants

Lund University Global Scholarship
All successful scholarship recipients will soon receive an offer per email. If you receive an offer, you must accept or decline the offer by the deadline indicated in the offer.

Swedish Institute Scholarships
A list of successful scholarship recipients will be published on the Swedish Institutes webpage on April 24th. If you have received a scholarship offer, you are required to accept or decline the offer by the deadline indicated in the offer. For any questions about the Swedish Institute Scholarship, please contact the Swedish Institute.

SI scholarships for 2020/2021

Finding a place to stay

Non EU/EEA students who are in need of housing and who have accepted their offer by the deadline, should go ahead and apply for housing through the LU accommodation service on May 4th. Note that you must actively apply for housing even if you have housing guarantee and/or a scholarship.

The housing situation in Lund is difficult and we advise you to start looking for a place to stay as soon as possible. If you are a Swedish or EU/EEA citizen we recommend you to have a look at Housing on the LU webpage, and for more information on housing options in Lund.

Please beware of frauds. Unfortunately there are those who try to take advantage of a tough housing situation by defrauding housing applicants. Your should never transfer any money before that you have signed a tenancy agreement and are 100% certain that you have access to the apartment/room/house.

Find more advice on how to avoid frauds on

Residence permits

Non EU/EEA citizens must apply for a residence permit. You are advised to apply as soon as you have paid the first tuition fee instalment (but not more than three months before the first day of your residence permit period).

Go to the Lund University webpage for more information on how to apply for a residence permit


Information regarding Lund University and the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Since March 18, all teaching at Lund University has been done online, to help slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus. In the main, there is no campus-based teaching or examinations. Libraries and common study areas have remained open but with limited opening hours. The university will continue with distance education for as long as the Swedish government recommends it. Here you can read more about the coronavirus and actions taken by the university.

LUMES hopes that the autumn semester 2020 will be conducted as regular campus-based teaching. At present no one can guarantee that this will be possible. We are closely monitoring the situation and will follow the advice of the university management and national agencies. We are preparing to deliver teaching online during the autumn of 2020 if admitted students cannot travel to Lund. All LUMES students will be able to carry out their studies online if the global situation regarding Covid-19 demands this. We have done, and will continue to do our best to minimize the impact of this pandemic on our students and we want to ensure you that we will do anything that is within our power to give you the best possible education.

The decision regarding regular campus-based education vs. online education will be made in early August. In the meanwhile, please continue to arrange for studies in Sweden, including residence permit (if applicable), funding and housing.

Coronavirus FAQ for newly admitted students

This FAQ will be updated regularly throughout spring and summer 2020. Due to new regulations and directives from the Swedish Government, and new decisions taken regularly at the University, many questions cannot be answered at this time and some answers will change before the start of the semester. Please check back regularly for updates.

Can I defer and start LUMES in autumn 2021?

We understand that the pandemic causes a lot of uncertainty and anxiety and that things can change quickly. A frequently asked question is if it is possible to defer the studies to autumn 2021, and how to do this. The answer is that if you wish to start LUMES in autumn 2020, but are unsure if you will make it, you should proceed with the enrolment steps as per normal (incl. pay the tuition fee*, apply for residence permit*, apply/search for housing*, etc.) and wait and see how the situation develops. If you realise later that you will not be able to make it, then please email us (amanda [dot] elgh [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se) and ask for the form to apply for a deferral. A deferral will only be granted on the special circumstances grounds that are outlined in Swedish legislation. These can be social, medical or other specific grounds such as for example parental leave, illness, military or civil service, student union assignments and similar. All such special circumstances must be properly documented. As for the coronavirus situation, it is not in itself a ground for deferral. Any effects on personal economy caused by the pandemic, or by any other unforeseen event, are not covered by the law text and thus it is not possible to be granted a deferral on these grounds.

*if applicable.

If you are not granted a deferral, or choose to decline the offer this year, you are most welcome to re-apply next year. If you have paid tuition you can apply for a tuition fee refund.


Information for students on the reserve list:

It is not possible for us to provide specific guidance about if/when students will be admitted to LUMES from the reserve list, as this depends on the drop-out rate of currently admitted students. LUMES aims to accommodate approximately 50-55 students this year, but places are over-allocated to account for some-drop off. This means that a significant number of admitted students must decline their places before we can begin to accept students from the reserve list. While we do expect a larger drop-off rate this year due to Corona and the challenges it presents, we attempted to account for this by over-allocating places to a greater extent than usual. As a result, we do not know if/when students on the reserve list will be offered places. 

Students can be admitted to LUMES right up until the beginning of the program and students will be contacted by email if a place becomes available. Once contacted, students will need to confirm their acceptance of the place within a few days, or else it will be offered to the following student on the reserve list. For this reason, it is important for you to continue checking your inbox. 




Student Coordinator
Amanda Elgh
amanda [dot] elgh [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 0470

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