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Sustainability Science

MESS33, 10 credits

Syllabus (current): Swe Eng (established 2013-10-22)

Literature list (current): Swe Eng (established 2019-06-13)
Literature list (previous): Swe Eng (established 2018-06-14)

The course presents, discusses and critiques the main literature in the sustainability science field. Students are exposed to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary theoretical perspectives, approaches and tools commonly used or under development within the field, and how these are used to analyse and interpret complex sustainability challenges and societal transition processes. In addition, the course covers and scrutinizes a variety of mid-range theories and approaches used in sustainability science, e.g., resilience theory, transition theory/management, ecological economics, political ecology, system analysis, participatory methods. The course also offers methods training in system analysis with a focus on dynamic interactions and their quantitative modeling using computer software. The training is group oriented with an emphasis on participatory training activities.

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Barry Ness

Barry Ness
Assistant Professor
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