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Sustainability studies: concepts, challenges and approaches



Sustainability studies: concepts, challenges and approaches (SASI02) is an introduction course to the interdisciplinary field of sustainability studies.

The student is introduced to some of the approaches, theoretical concepts and tools used in sustainability studies. The course uses problem solving and critical approaches to explore some key sustainability challenges, e.g. climate change, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification and land-system change. The course integrates natural and social dimensions of these challenges. In this way it covers the scientific understanding of, theoretical perspectives on, and social perceptions of major sustainability challenges.


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Literature list

Course period Fall 2017: 4 September – 25 October. Classes/lectures/seminars will take place on Mondays, 10-12 and Wednesdays, 13-15.

Study guide (schedule) for 2016 (Note: the 2017 study guide/schedule will be published on this webpage as soon as it is available. No later than 4 weeks before the start of the course): 2016 study guide available here (registered students, please see the course page on Live@Lund for the latest version).

How to apply: See the Application Guide


Please note that SASI02 is open to exchange students only.


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Ellinor Isgren

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What do students think about the course?

"I really enjoyed the closeness and openness of the lecturers and that most of them also have practical experiences with the subject. I find it hard to be convinced by lecturers who teach based on theories only without any real life scenarios but in this course the lecturers talked about their experiences and achievements in countries all over the world which was really interesting"

"I thought it was great to have so many lecturers from so many different backgrounds because I felt like everyone was teaching about something they knew a lot about and were passionate about"

"I loved the diversity of lecturers and how each one brought a unique aspect to their presentation due to their background and specialty!"




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