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Water and Sustainability

MESS42, 7.5 credits

Syllabus Swe Eng

Literature list (established 2019-08-29)

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Literature list (established 2017-12-06)

The overall themes of the course are water in society and water as an ecosystem.  The themes are covered significantly through a variety of scientific readings and reflection that exemplify different approaches and perspectives for analysing and interpreting present and future water resource availability, the political ecology of water resource challenges, water-related vulnerability and adaptation measures, and uncertainties in climate modelling coupled to freshwater resources.

Other aspects covered in the course include the multitude of approaches of how water is perceived, e.g., water as a human right, water as an economic good, and the implications of these approaches on management and use practices. Furthermore, the course presents and discusses the on-going reformations of water resource planning, policies and laws focusing on principles of integrated water resources management (IWRM), and associated techniques in, for example, the EU and the Global South. Several concepts highlighted recently that address the interdisciplinary nature of freshwater including green-blue water; virtual water and water footprint assessment are further discussed. Course excursions emphasise regional and local water use and management perspectives in practice.

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