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Programme Outline

The LUMES programme has a total duration of 2 years, divided into 4 semesters.

The first term provides a foundation for understanding local and global sustainability challenges as well as interaction between ecological and societal systems and the social science theories that help us understand our present social development pathway. In addition, the semester serves to introduce the subject of sustainability science and basic methodological approaches.

The second term includes the study of political governance, geographical perspectives and economic approaches, using global and local case studies that exemplify the basic knowledge provided in the first semester and form the basis for continued studies. This semester also includes a methodology course with a practical orientation.

The third term studies involve a choice of elective modules dealing with different sustainability themes. This semester permits the student to take courses that best suit his or her interests and future career or research paths.

The fourth term comprises a Master's thesis of 30 credits. The thesis is a synthesis of the knowledge and competencies that the students has acquired during the three previous terms of course work and undergraduate studies. 

To learn more about the content of each semester, click on the semesters in the left side panel or below.

Educational plan from autumn 2022

Educational plan 2021 ENG PDF (239 kB)

Utbildningsplan 2021 SVE PDF (414 kB)

Educational plan 2019 - 2021

Educational plan 2018 ENG PDF (1458 kB)

Utbildningsplan 2018 SVE PDF (1356 kB)

Educational plan 2013 - 2018

Educational plan 2013 ENG PDF (149 kB)

Utbildningsplan 2013 SVE PDF (174 kB)

Read more about when courses start and end here. Click on "Course periods" and you can access the programme agenda for each batch.