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Applications for 2021 admission are now closed. Applications for 2022 admission will open in October. This page will be updated in October.

All applications for study at Lund University are submitted to Sweden’s national tertiary application system: University Admissions in Sweden. To apply for the LUMES program, you will need to complete a two-stage application process via this system. On this webpage we have gathered information about the application process and the necessary documents needed for a complete application.


The application is done in two steps. First you apply online, and then you submit your supporting documents.

Your online application should be submitted by January 15, 2022. Information about the programme, fees and the eligibility/entry criteria/requirements for LUMES can be found on the Lund university webpage. 

Link to Lund University webpage.

The online application is available via the University Admissions in Sweden website. LUMES is called Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science, application code: (to be updated in October 2021).

Link to University Admissions in Sweden.

After the application deadline in mid-January you have an additional two weeks to submit your documentation, but it is strongly recommend that you prepare and submit documents well in advance before the deadline. Supporting documentation (and application fee, if applicable) deadline: February 1, 2022.

Supporting documents

There are a number of general documents that are required for all master’s level applications submitted to University Admissions in Sweden. 

See the general documents for applying to master's level programmes in Sweden. Link to University Admissions in Sweden.

In addition to the general documentation stipulated by University Admissions Sweden, you must also submit several LUMES-specific application documents.

Programme specific documents for LUMES:

If you submit these via post you need to attach your cover sheet. You find the cover sheet when you log in to 'My pages' on, under 'Application'. You do not need to attach a cover sheet to your documents if you upload them to your profile on

LUMES Applicant Summary

The LUMES Applicant Summary must be filled in completely and signed. If you fill out the whole form by hand, please write neatly using block letters.

Use this form: LUMES Applicant Summary PDF (130 kB)

LUMES Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose Form must be filled in completely and must be signed by you personally.

We want to know your personal, truthful and concise answers to the following questions:

  • Which two sustainability challenges intrigue you; do you see them as interrelated (and if so, how); and how would you like to approach them (theoretically, methodologically, empirically and/or based on your own experiences)?
  • What in the LUMES curriculum has sparked your interest in particular and why?
  • How do you expect to benefit from the LUMES programme and in your future plans after completion of LUMES?

Responses should be between 100 and 180 words and fit within the allotted space given on the form. Please note that an application without answers to all 3 questions will not be considered.

Use this form: LUMES Statement of Purpose PDF (92 kB)

Résumé / Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The information provided in your CV is also an important part of the overall assessment of your application to LUMES.

Your CV must include the following:

  • Your academic degrees, including GPA, or any other classification of your degree (if available).
  • If applicable:
    - Relevant extra-curricular activities you have been engaged in during your university studies with a brief description of activities related to the environment and/or sustainability
    -  Internships
    -  Relevant employment experience
    -  Awards you have received

We do not have or request a specific format for the CV, you are free to be as creative as you like.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation from two people (your referees) must also be submitted. Referees can be past or present employers, teachers and instructors, and other people who know you in an academic/professional capacity and can judge your overall competencies to participate in the programme.

At least one of the referees should be one of your university teachers and instructors, or someone who is equally able to assess your academic achievements and potential. The referees must be available for contact at a later date.

Your referees should be encouraged to use one of the following forms:

The forms are self-explanatory and can be filled in directly before being printed.

Referees preferring to write a Letter of Recommendation without using the form, can follow the relevant instructions below:

If a referee prefers to write the Letter of Recommendation without using the form, it should be written on paper with a proper letterhead from the institution/company and should be stamped with the official stamp of the institution/company. 

Update 2021-01-11We understand that due to Covid restrictions, many referees are having difficulty getting access to official stamps, stationery and envelopes. We will therefore accept letters that are not stamped or put in official envelopes, as long as proper contact details of the referee are provided on the letter.

The two Letters of Recommendation must be mailed or sent by courier (in sealed envelopes) to University Admissions in Sweden, see postal address and address for courier services below.

The letter of recommendation should preferably be mailed by the respective referees directly to University Admissions in Sweden (see address below). Please note that you have to make sure you have given your referee a copy of your cover sheet (you can find the cover sheet when you log in to 'My pages' on, under 'Application'. If for some reason a referee does not agree to mail the letter directly to University Admissions in Sweden, the applicant can mail the letter to University Admissions in Sweden provided the referee has put the recommendation letter in a sealed envelope and written his/her signature across the seal.

Where can I find my 'cover sheet' and what should I do if I can't find it.

Recommendation letters uploaded to are not considered.

How to submitt your supporting application documents

There are two ways to submit your documents to University Admissions Sweden.

1. You can upload them on your page on,

2. You can send them via regular post or courier. 

Some documents can always be uploaded, while others– especially academic qualifications from some countries and your two recommendation letters – must be sent via regular mail or courier to University Admissions in Sweden. Unless it is stipulated that you have to submit your documents in paper format, we strongly recommend that you submit all documents - except for the recommendation letters - electronically.

Postal address (including registered mail):
University Admissions in Sweden
R 312 
SE-106 53 Stockholm 

Address for documents sent by a delivery service (courier): 
PostNord Strålfors AB 
Att: Scanning 
Järngatan 11, Kaj 26-27 
195 95 Rosersberg 

Please see University Admissions in Sweden webpage for detailed information on required documents and how to submit these.

Link to the University Admission in Sweden

Note that the deadline for all supporting documents (incl. the LUMES specific documents) is February 1, 2021. Documents received after this date will not be considered.

Questions about submitting you documents

If you have a question about how to submit your documents to prove that you meet the general entry requirements, you should first thoroughly review the University Admissions in Sweden webpage and then contact University Admissions in Sweden directly if necessary – refer to the Admissions support webpage. Please note that University Admissions Sweden receive a high volume of inquiries, so please allow them some time to respond. 

Link to University Admissions Support Centre webpage


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