3rd Semester


The third term of the LUMES programme strives for flexibility, permitting students to take courses that best suit their interests and future career or research paths.

The term is made up of two blocks of selective courses totalling 30 credits, the student selects four 7,5 credit courses from the courses currently offered.

Note that as the courses offered during the third term are closely connected to the research conducted by staff at LUCSUS, the courses offered in a coming year may therefore be different than those listed below. The courses to be offered are decided in January each year and the courses are presented to the students in February/March. In the left side menu you can see previously offered courses (some of which may be offered in the coming year). 

Courses offered autumn 2021

Block 1 (August 30 - October 29)

Block 2 (November 2 - January 16, 2022)