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Social Theory and Sustainability

MESS32, 10 credits

Syllabus» Swe Eng

Literature list (established 2018-06-14)

The course discusses different theories of modern society and relates them to different approaches to sustainability and environmental problems. The focus will be on:

  • Theories of modern society and economy (e.g. Rousseau, Adam Smith, Marx, Hayek, Keynes, Habermas, Foucault, Feminist theories)
  • The complex interactions between different spheres of economy, politics and civil society when dealing with environmental questions as a social problem;
  • The tensions and trade-offs in the interactions between e.g. individual/ society, economy/ politics, cultural values/ technical efficiency, environment/ economy.
  • An overview of different philosophies of scientific knowledge (ontology and epistemology), empiricism, positivism, constructivism, critical realism; and the ability to identify and compare the underlying theory of science in each perspective.
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